Freecharge App Review – Your Personal Digital Wallet to help you fight demonetisation!

Demonetization may or may not have influenced the black money in India, but it was the primary cause for the increase in cashless payments using digital wallets. Well, we all have had these digital wallet apps on our phones for a few years now, but we had never thought of using it for paying groceries, bills at restaurants, etc. But now, due to the demonetization and lack of cash availability, digital wallets have turned out to be a chosen medium of payment.

Crores of Indians got affected by demonetization and the scarcity of new Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 500 in banks & ATMs made people go crazy. But with the digital wallets like Freecharge, it became very easy to pay for everything we buy either online or offline. It all started in 2010, the year when Freecharge entered as a mobile recharge app, and now it is one of the most popular apps for digital payments. Comparing to other e-wallets, paying through Freecharge is hassle free, convenient and super-fast. The unique features are making Freecharge as the no.1 choice for ordinary people to use it for cashless payments. Here are a few features of Freecharge which are making a difference with other digital wallets.

Freecharge App Review – Exploring the Key Features:

  • Simple UI –

There are many e-wallets available now with complex/ not so user-friendly design and have many irrelevant tabs, but the Freecharge App is not like them. It has got the sleek design with a simple UI. The home screen of the app is enough to showcase all the features it has got under the hood.

  • Adding Money is at your Fingertips –

You might have already been using Freecharge App for mobile/ data card recharges, and I believe you’ve already saved your credit/debit card. If not do it right away because you can add up to Rs. 20,000 in your e-wallet which can further be used to pay for the transactions both online and offline. To load the money, just tap the ‘add money’ & select the amount you want to load on the wallet, and voila! Your wallet gets funded in less than 10 seconds. Yup! As simple as that!

  • Paying Merchants both online & offline –

Offline –

Due to the demonetization effect, many of the shops have already started accepting payments through the Freecharge App. All you need to do is scan the QR code of the merchant, and make the payment. You can also transact using the merchant’s mobile number using the send money feature.

It is to be noted that, you don’t need any details like IFSC code, bank account number of merchants, etc. and you just need the dealer’s mobile number. And with a few taps, the amount can be transferred, and yeah, it won’t take more than 10 seconds if your wallet is pre-loaded with money.

Online –

Freecharge has already partnered with major online merchants like Snapdeal [now owns Freecharge], Swiggy, Foodpanda, Café Coffee Day, BookMyShow, McDonald’s, etc. By paying through Freecharge wallet, you can also avail the best discounts. The app also showcases the best offers available by these merchants & you can check them by tapping on the offers zone.

Paying Bills/ recharging mobile in less than 10 seconds –

If there’s something you can do in 10 seconds is, “thinking about what to do in 10 seconds”. Well, you don’t have to think so much, as with Freecharge SpeedPay you can do any online transaction in just 10 seconds if your wallet is pre-loaded.

Recharging mobile number was never simple, as even on recharge apps you should type in a mobile number, and select the plan/ amount, wait for the OTP, type it and wait for the transaction happen. It does take more than a minute, but with the Freecharge App, you don’t have to enter your mobile number again and again. You can quickly select the number you want to recharge from your contacts, and the best part is the app will remind you if the validity of the plan is about to expire.

You can also select the auto pay option for paying your utility bills which sets up reminders for bill payment dates, helping you prevent late charges.

  • Chat & Pay –

It was always fun to request money from parents or your friends as they must log in to their net banking and select your account and transfer it. What if they don’t have access to net banking, let’s say the server is down or let’s take the case of your account is not added as beneficiary and it was night after 8 PM. The possible solution will be to wait for the next day. But, it’s not! The Freecharge App has this unique feature called chat & pay where you can instantly request money from your friends or family, and they can transfer directly to your Freecharge wallet.

Also, Freecharge is available on WhatsApp too, and by using it, you can instantly share or receive money from your friends.

  • Split Bill with your buddies –

Not just me, everyone had this bad habit of noting down the money spent when we hang out with friends. Also, it’s not a good idea to use the Splitshare app as it’s again a time taking the process as you need to make a group and your friend should have an account there, etc. Just like the Chat & Pay feature, Freecharge has also got the unique feature called split bill which can solve the problem instantly.

Either it’s a restaurant bill or movie tickets, all you need to do is enter the amount you want to split and select the number of persons the bill is shared. That’s it, and the bill amount is shared with your friends just like that!

These are some of the unique features that Freecharge has got comparing to other digital e-wallets and being a citizen in cashless society; it’s a mandatory thing for everyone to have a digital wallet and I believe Freecharge can suffice all your needs.

Along with these unique features, Freecharge is the very first digital payment firm to provide insurance of Rs. 20,000 for their e-wallets. So, even if you lost your mobile and had been transacting money on a monthly basis, then you can claim insurance for your e-wallet.  

Why late? You can start using the Freecharge app right away and enjoy all the benefits like the several others who’re already making use of it. If you’re a new user, you can download the app from this link and start exploring it.

Xploree Keyboard: An Intent based Mobile Discovery Platform

Xploree Keyboard

Xploree is a user-initiated search and discovery platform. Xploree did an event in Bangalore #XploreeTechKnow and I got a chance to be a part of their product demo event. I went to their office and got in touch with the VP, to know more about it. With the help of natural language processing  collected by typing on a keyboard, Xploree Keyboard delivers services, deals and offers to users in hyper-context and intent precision on multiple screens and multiple apps in real-time.

Xploree Keyboard is an Android based keyboard app with advanced language prediction, the option to discover services / information / products while typing, intent based emoji’s, stickers, etc. While chatting on WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger if we need to search for a place of interest, we need to switch to google to look out for the answer. Some users are not comfortable in downloading and multitasking between few apps for an information, in the midst of a chat.

Xploree aims to serve users in their Mobile Moment, providing hyper-contextual information and services and helping them make better decisions in real-time.  Xploree Smart Keyboard App has got smart Artificial Intelligence which actually thinks and goes beyond the regular language prediction feature, which is quite common with the Android Keyboard. Most of the android keyboards in the play store are limited to language prediction and few of them support local Indian languages. But the main thing they lack is AI. Xploree’s underlying Artificial Technology (patent pending) learns from our typing, understands our intent and recommends the most relevant products, services, and content at the time of need, making our mobile discovery more relevant and meaningful. It guarantees to deliver the right service at the point of USER INTENT unlike other platforms providing location based or keyword based ads. The content including products and services are provided by Brand Partners of Xploree. Advertisers, publishers, and developers can leverage Xploree’s guaranteed visibility across all apps.

Xploree intends to cover a larger base of users by providing it’s seamless and innovating multilingual support for many Indian languages. You can type in your favorite languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Oriya, etc or you can use English keyboard to chat/tweet or comment in Hinglish, Tamilish, Banglish, Kanglish, etc. This is one of the features which is loved by Indian users as they can type faster in English, still posting in their local language.

Xploree learns from your typing and slowly, over the time makes the entire Discovery feature more relevant providing content which is absolutely of your interest. The DISCOVER feature gives us the option to type and search for the interest which opens up in the Xploree’s internal browser. Based on the typing, it keeps on accumulating cards related to shopping, travel, services, as per your interest and requirement. Xploree keeps on making the user search experience more integrated through its next-gen AI which keeps on learning with great accuracy. Xploree sorts the services and products pulled up by it’s AI under Intent Driver Icons. It makes the list sorted and easier to find or browse for the service which the user might be looking for. While we chat with friends, browse the internet and play around with apps, Xploree engagement cards generate and store suggestions on topics of general interests, products, and services while also making it shareable.

As of now Xploree supports Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, and Android OS platforms. Very soon Xploree will be available for iOS users as well. Join their mailing list today to get updated.


We have used, tested and loved tons of Smartphone Keyboard in the past. We don’t need Smartphone Keyboards which are limited to language prediction and multilingual support. However, we know Artificial Intelligence and Intent driver technology holds the key to the future. We would like to get the search results sorted based on our requirement. Xploree does the job well and looks promising. There is still a lot of scope for improvement in terms of recommendations. However, it shall be improved with time.

Hexlock App Review – The Only Security App You’ll Ever Need in an Android Phone


The security of the smartphones became very important these days. Even if the Android operating system has some basic security features to protect devices from the wrong hands, nowadays the smartphone usage became quite obvious. Smartphones are carrying sensitive data which contains banking information to personal photos and videos that all need extreme protection from others. If you are one of them who wanted to protect personal or financial information in Android devices from wrong hands, Hexlock App is for you.

Google PlayStore has some decent security apps which are capable of securing your device with various options. Hexlock is one of them that effectively locks the smartphone access by protecting it from unauthorized access. Using the app, users will be able to lock specific applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Play Store, etc. that will be helpful when transferring your device to your friends or relatives. Apart from just a phone locker, the app delivers some nice set of features that are very useful for protecting Android devices from external use.

So, we’ve decided to write a review of the Hexlock app to let you know more about the features and functions. Have a look at it.

Hexlock App Review

hexlock-app-review-6Hexlock is developed by the Liquidum Limited in between many of their successful applications like RocketVPN. The primary target of the app is to provide a better way of locking Android smartphones. Every time, locking the entire smartphone may not be the right way. When you need to transfer the device to your friends, you should unlock the device to satisfy them. But it gives them the entire control over your smartphone and no barriers in between them and the device files.

To overcome this issue, Hexlock is coming with the app lock functionality that allows users to seamlessly manage the authentication of specific apps. So that, even if the device is in unlocked mode, users will not have access to the pre-locked applications without your permission. In addition, the Hexlock has a Media Vault that hides your sensitive photos and videos in a separate gallery which you can pre-set as per your intentions. So, the locked photos and videos will not be shown in slideshows or in the gallery grid. They can be accessed only by you from the app.

If you are a parent and wanted to keep an eye on your smartphone which struggles in the hands of your kids, the Hexlock can do the job for you. No more need to hold your breath to stop your kids small hands from ordering stuff from Amazon or buying a game from the Play store. Just lock those applications and important files to build a secure fence between your kids and your credit card. This is a unique feature which we can’t see on normal phone locking apps.

If any one of your friends are wise and you think they can easily uninstall Hexlock from your smartphone, you got it wrong. The application couldn’t be uninstalled by any human without you giving the credentials to them. It even coming with the Self-activate feature that automatically turns on the app when you change networks. So, this is not just a phone and photo locker.

Features of the HexLock App

  • Lock apps seamlessly
  • A secure picture and video vault
  • Parental control to keep an eye on your kids
  • Protect your device from any external access
  • Couldn’t be uninstalled without credentials


After having hours of testing procedure on different devices, we found this as an extremely useful application to protect your files and apps as well as the entire device. We tried many methods to uninstall it without the credentials, but the app won the battle. So, if you would like to protect your apps, photos, or videos with your own credentials, the Hexlock is a good choice. You can download it from the following link.

Privacy Matters for Anyone! Protect yours’ using Rocket VPN


Every now and then searching for a perfect VPN app was always difficult. Everyone does offer hundreds of features, but the bitter truth is that most of them fail to true their words. Even if they successfully allowed you to browse from a different country, the internet speed will get badly affected and considerably reduced. The security also put at risk by using such bad VPN services. So, we’ve been searching for some good VPN services and found the Rocket VPN as worthy to be included in this list. So, decided to write a review on it to help you understand more about it.

Rocket VPN is nothing special than a good VPN in terms of the features. But, it fulfills all the promises they give to the users. It can create a safe mask over your connection allowing you to be completely anonymous throughout the session without putting yourself at risk. Numerous servers placed all over the countries makes it convenient for any person residing in almost any countries on the map. If you are an Android smartphone user who searched for a good VPN service all over the play store, you should have a look at this Rocket VPN app review.

Rocket VPN App Review

As mentioned already, it is a VPN service like many others that you’ve seen before. It allows you to put an extra layer of security over the unsecured ISP connections and change the locations simultaneously as per the needs. If you are residing in a country where the popular services like Youtube and Netflix couldn’t be accessed, the Rocket VPN will be a life saver. It effortlessly directs your internet connection through the VPN tunnel thus allowing to enjoy any of the blocked websites or services in your country.

Usually, such heavy VPNs cause the internet slow down and many other issues regarding the security. But from our tests, we were able to browse and stream at nearly maximum speed that our ISP offers. Sometimes, the connection showed huge positive deviation in streaming speed while connected to the nearest VPN servers. As per the company, they never share the user info with any other users. It is a unique feature that we noticed while many other popular names like ‘Hola’ shares the connection info. This indicates how careful they are about the privacy of the customers.


Sweetening the features another unique feature is there which allows creating shortcuts for any app to use VPN connection by default. So that, your time will be no longer wasted for configuring the VPN each time for a frequently used application on your Android device. In the free version of the Rocket VPN, users will be allowed to use up to 250MB of data per month which can be metered to unlimited on app purchases.

Features of the Rocket VPN App

  • Highly Encrypted VPN connection
  • Numerous servers all across the countries
  • Unblock blocked services and websites
  • Not slowing down the connection
  • Privacy considered seriously


Rocket VPN is nothing less than a perfect Virtual Private Network with extreme security measures where your privacy will not get hurt at all. It is equipped with all the features as many leading competitors. Moreover, they true the words with quality service. From our testing procedure for hours under different conditions, they made us happy. The speed was also not altered at any point that allowed us to enjoy the internet benefits all the time. If you are very picky on apps, this is a good VPN choice you can make for your Android smartphone. If you would like to give a try, you could do that from the following link – Android & iOS


WhatsApp Video Calling Is Live On Android [APK DOWNLOAD]


Just a few months ago we made predictions regarding some of the upcoming features of WhatsAppGroup Invite Links, Voicemail, GIF support and WhatsApp video calling. Now, we have been listening to various rumors and the video calling feature on WhatsApp got spotted a few days ago on Windows Phone, for a beat build. But looks like now the WhatsApp video calling is available for Android as well, with the latest beta 2.16.318 which is the latest beta build.

Well, the video calling feature seems to work but only for the people who have the latest version. I tried placing video calls to many people but except only one person I couldn’t make video calls to anyone. I haven’t actually interacted with anyone really till now and I was confused about this feature availability as I have literally done a lot of mods and at first I thought maybe it’s just something experimental so didn’t care much, but soon PhoneRadar reported that the feature is officially available and they could actually make calls. This year, WhatsApp brought some significant number of features to the app and I personally liked the GIF support and now, the video calling.

WhatsApp Video Call-incoming
WhatsApp Video Call-incoming

Making a video call is simple. Just tap on the phone icon just like you make voice calls and there will be two options- voice call and video call. Tap ‘Video Call’ to start. However, it doesn’t have the called preview like Google Duo. You also have the option to send a voice message instead if you think video call isn’t necessary. Also, you can change between front and rear camera. Now, here’s the link to download the latest version of WhatsApp with Video Calling feature.

Overall, it looks like a decent and much-needed feature that many users have been waiting for. However, I will take some time to reach all users I guess. Also, I haven’t tested the call quality so can’t say anything about it right now. Keep checking for more information and updates as I will be trying out the feature.

HOW TO: Get The Google Assistant On Any Phone



Get the Google Assistant
Get the Google Assistant on any phone

Hey everyone, I guess many of you are wondering, how to get the Google Assistant on non-Pixel phones as I have received a couple of queries related to it. So, today in this small guide I will tell you about how to get the Google Assistant on any phone, yes on any phone running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or better if it runs Android 7.0 Nougat. I have not found any working trick for Kitkat or Lollipop yet, so if any way is found out it will also be added here. So, currently only Marshmallow and Nougat users should proceed with the steps provided below. Let’s begin.


  1. Rooted phone
  2. Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher

Yes, these prerequisites are must,  if you want to get the Google Assistant on any phone. If your phone meets the requirements you can go ahead and nothing else is required. The process is easy enough so let’s get started. I will divide the guide into two parts- 1. Android 6.0 Marshmallow which many people have got and 2. Android 7.0 Nougat for those who are using Nexus or LG V20 or some other phones.

1. Get the Google Assistant on Marshmallow

On any phone running Marshmallow and having root access the Google Assistant can be obtained by using a simple Xposed Module and we will use the Assistant Enable Module to enable this feature. And well, this module also gets into my top choices of Xposed Modules. If you don’t have Xposed Framework, just install it. And one you have installed the framework, just follow these steps.

  1. Go to modules and search for ‘Assistant Enabler’ or if you are viewing this page from your phone, just go here.
  2. Download the module and install it.
  3. Once you have installed, just activate it and reboot your phone.
  4. After you reboot, just go to Settings>Apps>Google>Manage Space and clear all data.
  5. Now get back home, open the Google app and long press the ‘Home button’.
  6. You will find Google Assistant ready to rock!

NOTE: Make sure you have the latest version of the Google app installed on your phone or you can also download the beta from APKMirror.

2. Get the Google Assistant on Nougat

If you’re among those Nexus owners or LG V20 owners or using any phone running Nougat, you don’t need to install anything- Just the root access is required. Here’s how to get the Google Assistant on Nougat.

  1. Open file manager and open the root directory, then to the folder ‘SYSTEM’.
  2. If you’re using a third-party file manager  enable root explorer or simply use the app mentioned below by installing from the Google Play Store. 
    Root Explorer
    Developer: Speed Software
    Price: $3.11
  3. Open the build.prop file.
  4. Tap edit
  5. Add these two lines at the bottom of the code.
ro.product.model=Pixel XL

Go to Settings>Apps>Google>Manage Data and tap on ‘Clear all data’. Now, get back home and enjoy the Google Assistant.