Elephone U-Disk is the answer to thumb drive security

Elephone U-Disk is the answer to thumb drive security - 4

Most of us carry a thumb drive or pen drive, whatever you want to call it. But what if it gets lost or stolen? Somebody can easily access the data. Thinking about password protection? May not be a solid security measure. Here’s the solution to this problem- The Elephone U-Disk. This small handy thumb drive comes with a fingerprint scanner.

Just like you unlock your smartphone or tablet or even laptop, you can now keep your personal and private files protected inside the Elephone U-Disk. And in case it gets stolen, the thief will have to chop your thumb as well. :P

elephone u-diskThe Elephone U-Disk has two storage options for the user’s security. You can divide the storage into two parts- public and private. In the public part you can just keep the file or use it for transferring movies and games or anything that is not confidential. In the private part you must store all your private data. The private part can’t be ever accessed without the user’s fingerprint and so, the Elephone U-Disk is very much secure for storing personal and private data. The thumb drive is protected by chrysalis full metal jacket. And it is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android. We don’t have much details right now as there is no clue about it from their official site, neither from the press room, but we will surely keep an eye on this interesting gadget which will be launched soon. Till then, stay connected with us on Facebook so that you get all our updates, news and more right on your news feed.

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