Honor 7X Camera Samples – A European photo story

    Honor 7X_Camera_20

    Honor 7X is loaded with a 16MP+2MP rear camera with the 2MP lens dedicated to portrait mode and an 8MP front camera. Fortunately, we’ve been able to take this camera around Europe to see how it fared. I’d like to remind you it was the fag end of autumn and start of winter and hence you can imagine the daylight conditions. We’ll take you through the photo story to show you Honor 7X camera samples for you to check the realistic advantages of the phone and where it stutters. All our experiments were mostly done on Auto mode and the images shown here are with no edits to give you the real picture. There are daylight pictures and night ones to show you the differences.

    Auto-mode – Good daylight conditions:

    Destination 1:  France

    Right from the Arc de Triomphe to Louvre museum to Sainte Chapelle, here are the pictures the phone clicked and it came out pretty well.

    Destination 2: Belgium

    Belgium was a dimly lit with poor weather conditions – you can see in the pictures that the camera has managed to capture sufficient daylight. It managed to capture the cobblestone streets, Belgian waffles and the life of the city on a windy morning.

    Destination 3: Germany

    While Germany is all about castles and architecture, I tried using Honor 7X to test out wide-angle mode and night modes.

    Destination 4: Netherlands

    The all hyped Netherlands is of course known for the surreal beauty of canals and notoriously known for being tolerant to other forms of trade – It was a good mix of sun, snow and wind to test our the camera and here are the samples that came out:

    Portrait mode

    What is of interest although is how portrait mode pictures are processed. It’s sort of a hit and miss and you need patience to get the right amount of blur in the background. Here’s one such picture where the portrait mode over processes a tad bit:

    Honor 7X_Portrait mode
    Portrait mode

    Good Food mode

    The good food mode of course makes your delicious food drool worthy by increasing the contrast and playing with color saturation.

    Low-light pictures

    The low-light pictures are where you will see the camera struggling quite a bit. The pictures are slightly grainy but you can still see the details the camera has tried capturing.

    Front camera

    I’m not a great fan of the selfie-camera as it tends to whiten out the background. I’m not sure if you can see the beach in the background! The portrait mode on the selfie-cam is a miss most of the times.

    Honor 7X_selfie

    Moving objects

    I loved the shutter speed here as I could click pictures of moving objects or from inside a bus/tram/train and the pictures were impressive.

    Honor 7X_moving objects
    Picture from a moving bus

    Light Painting

    Light painting mode makes wonderful light trails in the blink of an eye, without you adding any extra effort. Here’s a picture of our NewYear fireworks:

    Honor 7X_Light trails

    I’m sure these pictures are evidence enough to make your own decisions. I can vouch for the camera performance in bright daylight and the shutter speed is pretty good for a mid-range phone. Give it a whirl.

    P.S. These pictures are resized for web and unedited.

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