Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp Review: Features & Gallery


    Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside lamp, a smart home appliance from Xiaomi works based on your mood. You can auto adjust, schedule the colors or else make the changes manually. Everything can be done easily by installing an app and the control is by Bluetooth.

    It is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. Have a look at the features of Xiaomi Yeelight bedside lamp

    Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp Features:
    xiaomi yeelight-simply-touch-slidejpg xiaomi yeelight blends with light in the bedroom-iGadgetsworld xiaomi yeelight-use-phone-bluetooth-remote-control xiaomi yeelight unique-design-light-adjustment xiaomi yeelight multiple-lighting-mode-iGadgetsworld xiaomi yeelight color intesityiGadgetsworld

    Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp Gallery:

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