ZenFone 3 AnTuTu Benchmark Scores

I believe you came from the ZenFone 3 Review / Performance section to look at the ZenFone 3 AnTuTu benchmark scores? Well, things are going to disappoint you a little but don’t worry everything’s fine at the end.

Anyhow, ZenFone 3 is a great device both from design, camera & in performance wise, but the AnTuTu score of ZenFone 3 is way below to the expectations. Why not you take a look at the scores first, then we can talk about them. For your information, ZenFone 3 is powered by a 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor while the GPU is by Adreno 506. It boasts a whopping 4 GB RAM. so, by all these specifications, it should definitely beat the hell out of OnePlus 3, Galaxy s6 Edge, iPhone 6 etc. but, guess what?


62K for a 2GHz, SD processor is way below. Anyhow, let’s take a look at other smartphone benchmark scores.

Yup, that’s true. ZenFone 3 AnTuTu benchmark score is way below than iPhone 5S. So, how’s the performance in real time? To be honest, I really liked the fastness. You will enjoy using it like every other smartphone you liked previously. There’s no lag even on extreme usage. For more, you can read it on my review. Anyhow, here’s the battery score from AnTuTu.


Comparing to other high-end smartphones, it’s not up to the mark still, the battery life is not that poor. On a daily basis, ZenFone 3 can easily stay for more than 3 days while on heavy usage it can live up to a day.

Meanwhile, here are the complete specifications of ZenFone 3 from AnTuTu benchmark app.

Let’s also check out the comparison of other high-end smartphones with ZenFone 3 in terms of AnTuTu Benchmark scores.

That’s the ZenFone 3 AnTuTu benchmark scores, though they are not up to the mark but the performance on real time is way better than expected. Continue reading my full review and also check the camera samples shot on ZenFone 3.


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