Rothas-Artificial Windows Virtual Assistant by TechBuckle Corp. Inc (with android app + price details updated)

ROTHAS– An Artificial Windows Virtual Assistant developed by TechBuckle Corp. Inc and the basic function of this ROTHAS is, you can access everything in your computer (preferably windows OS) via Voice commands, and it’s very user friendly like Siri for Apple users, and recently “Ok Google” for Google users, so what’s the difference in this virtual assistant with other virtual assistants in Windows OS, well here the response of this female virtual assistant will be Offline, that is it doesn’t need any net connectivity and doesn’t need to be online like most virtual assistants do, and this is very unique and first of its kind perfectly build for Windows OS, let’s see the features of ROTHAS, and good news is TechBuckle Corp, released a demo video ,they demonstrated the ROTHAS, their first product form their IT company, in a good way!! this  post is regarding ROTHAS features and many things from TechBuckle Corp. and here you go, we are embedding the demo video of ROTHAS>


In short we are going to give a brief description about ROTHAS features:

Note:Make sure you  watch the video, to get clear understanding of the features!

  1. ROTHAS is fully customisable as per user needs, after installing the app, we can see the defaultcommands.txt and it contains options like “shell commands”, “websites”, “social”, “userinfo” etc, and with these options one can easily customize the virtual assistant easily!, by the way, let’s see the options description now:

  2. Shell commands, are the main thing, where you can add every shortcut you want, and you can even add the text what the virtual assistant should speak for the response, with these simple commands, you can open any file/folder/application/song easily with one simple voice command!

3.Websites’, what more you want me to explain, you can easily make your virtual assistant to open the website, and you can customize the ROTHAS to give your desired response when it opens a site

4.Social’ well be friendly with your virtual assistant, have a conversation with your female Virtual assistant, and make sure, you made the responses before trying something

And an added up feature specially made for Indian users, well ROTHAS can able to understand India’s national language “Hindi” but the format of commands should be written in Hinglish (well you know’ hindi script in English language, like kya ho raha hy? kaise ho? etc, and i guess you often use these kinda things, in chat, messages etc, so TechBuckle taken this into consideration and added this feature) and make sure you wrote the response to for the command!

5. Userinfo, here you can give a name to yourself, so ROTHAS can call you with that name , well it’s so cool, like Jarvis calling Tony Stark in Iron Man movie!! and it you can also give your gmail id and password here, so you can check your mails with a single voice command “Check for New mails” and it will respond to you lighting fast if you got any new mail.. and still many more ways to fully customize the ROTHAS as per your needs, and you can read the full features from the official TechBuckle site

Now let’s get straight to the price things, I hope you saw the video? it’s very cool right??

Updated:  July 11th 2014 (price details+android app)

so, If you are that person that want to give a try to see their features directly, well you can try a trail version and you can buy the trail version just for $50 and you can test the limitations of Virtual Assistant, for 15 days, and I definitely give assurance for you that you will love the software, and you can extend the licence for full with an adding of 80$

If you are that person, that want to buy this Rothas asap, well here is a big deal presenting by iGadgetsworld, actually the full version costs around 130$ (50$ trail+80$for full), but for special users/readers/visitors from iGadgetsworld, you can get ROTHAS AI virtual asssistant for Windows just for 110$, so make sure you are that special person to grab the ROTHAS for just 110$, rather than full cost 130$, and we are offering this for just 10 persons, so quickly fill this contact form, and register your email id, with us, and we will forward your details, to TechBuckle corp. Inc

And new update is that they released the Android app with same features which can work exactly like the Windows application, and good news is we don’t need data connectivity like other apps that i mentioned in my earlier lines! and make sure you buy the android app too! The android app will cost around 80$ and you can get both android app and windows app for just 200$

for further information in buying this virtual assistant make sure you visit the official campaign page!

Last Updated on by Vamsee Angadala

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