Wakie: A complete new alarm experience

Wakie: A complete new alarm experience - 4

Having problems waking up early in the morning? Alarms go off, yet you fail? Here’s a complete new experience.

ssEverybody has some problems getting up early in the morning. Even I face it quite often and for me, the Alarm clocks don’t even seem to work. I know there would be thousands of people like me who can’t get up easily and need something, may be a sudden call, messages or something like a shock. For those people now “There’s is an app for that”.wp_ss_20140905_0002

Wakie is like a community where people help each other getting up early in the morning. And the way it works is pretty cool. You just need to register with your phone number though the phone number will not be shared with other people. You just need to set the time and at the predefined time, a call is connected to someone, of opposite gender and your age (well, this looks a good idea). The phone alls are automated and no one will be able to find your phone number. The call will last for one minute and then will be disconnected. If you’re a Wakie, you can see how many Sleepyheads are scheduled to waken and offer to help by hitting the ‘Wake Someone Up’ button. When the call ends, Sleepyheads are invited to rate the Wakie. wp_ss_20140905_0001The app is available on Windows App Store, Google Play and will be available soon on Apple App Store, but sadly the wake up alarms are not currently available  in India. If you live in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA or the UK, you can use all its features.

Wakie: A complete new alarm experience - 5
The app was not found in the store. :-(
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