Auto Technology: The Role of AR in Changing the Future of Navigation

Auto Technology: The Role of AR in Changing the Future of Navigation - 4
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Augmented reality, commonly known as AR, is expected to change the future of navigation in many ways. Mainly, this technology focuses on providing a visual reality to the users. Although it is applied in many areas like the marketing of products, it is now being used in the automotive world for better navigation and improved driving experience.

According to auto experts, it is expected to bring about a significant change to the industry by improving the interaction of the drivers with both the vehicles and the road. So, here are the various ways in which AR is changing the future of navigation.

AR Maps and Navigation

This is the first big thing that is happening for drivers of fleets vehicles. They are using various applications like urban visual positioning, which is loaded with city maps to help in navigation. But these are not ordinary maps on the dashboard screen. They use computer visuals that display 3D directions right in front of the driver. They also have the names of the streets displayed ahead for the drivers to learn where they are heading. The displays are designed in a way that they do not affect the visibility of other things that the drivers want to see.

Real-Time Control of Fleets

During peak traffic hours, the fleet management team at the base would like to guide drivers through busy streets in the city. AR technology is also changing how this is done; the control officer can bring almost the entire city in front of her or him in a 3D form and help the drivers navigate to the areas they want. Through the use of sophisticated features, such a navigation assistant capability is connected to GPS that monitors the traffic in real time. Drone surveillance is also integrated to provide a live feed during high-traffic hours so that the control office may know the streets that are not so busy.

Speed Windshield Display

In addition to the dashboard information, drivers can use sophisticated devices that display 3D information on the lower part of their windshield. Such devices use AR technology to display information from the vehicle computer like the actual speed, temperature of the vehicle, tire pressure and much more. The main benefit of using this information in AR projection is to offer a better visual right in front of the drivers so that they do not have to remove their eyes from the road. One can also change the position of the display if another location is more convenient.

Navigation Safety Features

Vehicles are now fitted with numerous sensors and cameras all over. It could be a rear-view camera, blind spot camera or dashcam. All these can now be integrated into one and displayed through a 3D AR display with a sophisticated device rather than a screen on the dashboard. AR projections are much better than the screen that most vehicles are using. The navigation of vehicles is expected to be improved through the use of AR. The manufacturers and designers of these technologies are spending sleepless nights to create smart ways of making use of the technology.


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