Why You Need A Marketing Workflow? [Infographic]

Marketing can be chaotic. Shifting priorities, ongoing revisions, and countless approvals – not to mention tracking, measuring, and reporting the results of campaigns. It can all be overwhelming. A good workflow is a sanity-saver, making teamwork more efficient, eliminating unnecessary errors and stress, and aiding repeat success. Marketing is by no means a new concept and is probably as old as business itself.

However, what has always changed and will continue to change is how marketing is done at any given point in time. No other factor in the history of marketing has impacted it as profoundly and as permanently as technology has in the last few decades. Unfortunately, the very options and advantages that technology has brought to us can also get quite confusing for the young entrepreneur with limited experience and a shoestring budget.

Consultation from a branding expert (We tried it, so we recommend to you) can be particularly useful in such cases and is recommended especially if you are new at this. The idea is to incorporate technology and experience in such a way that your marketing goals are achieved within the allotted budget. Perhaps the most significant impact that technology has had on marketing is that it has changed the very landscape.

Email marketing has mostly replaced direct-to-mail marketing and traditional advertisement methods are being outperformed globally by the various types of online marketing methods. As it stands, it’s also cheaper, more environmentally friendly (eliminates the need for paper) and has a far greater appeal to Millennials than marketing via print media. This is not to say that all methods of traditional marketing are dead by any means, but online marketing is most certainly the prime option now.
If you have a business, you will need to market it and in the world that we do business in today. Use these 5 essential workflows to cure the marketing madness.

Infographic – 5 Essential Marketing Workflows

Why You Need a Marketing Workflow (#Infographic)

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