13 Ways to Build a Happy and More Productive Workforce

13 Ways to Build a Happy and More Productive Workforce - 4
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Employee productivity determines the success and sustainability of businesses. Senior management and business owners constantly devise new and better policies and practices to improve employee performance. But despite the sincere and high-octane efforts, most employee satisfaction surveys throw up depressing numbers.

As per the Gallup survey spanning 142 countries found that only 13% of the global workforce is engaged at work. 63% is not engaged and 24% is actively disengaged. North America fares quite badly with 70% of employees feeling miserable and disengaged at work. Although it’s an old report, the insights from it are still valid. The amount of employee engagement is quite low in the majority of companies all over the world. So, how do we improve the productivity of the workforce?

How to Improve Employees’ Productivity?

The following list might come in handy in improving the productivity of employees.

  • Timely Feedback– Constructive feedback helps engage employees better. They are prompted to think of ways to improve at work. Encourage them to be creative. This will make mundane and routine tasks interesting. Empower your employees to tailor their schedules and processes in a way that produces the best results. Independence also contributes to a higher level of employee engagement.
  • Consistent Training– Customized training programs help improve and hone the skills and talents of employees. They also support better and more efficient output from your workforce.
  • Rotate and Rejuvenate – Even your stellar employee may feel bored and listless if he is performing the same tasks day in and day out. Find out his areas of interest and provide him with opportunities to work on challenging projects, off-shore assignments, or be a part of cross-functional teams. This will provide the spark that was sorely missing in his work-life.

The above list is the mandatory things that should be followed to improve the employees’ productivity, and here are a few more creative ideas [more like activities] that can also be applied for the same. You can read the ideas in the below Infographic brought to you by Wrike – free project management software.

13 Ways to Build a Happy & More Productive Workforce - by Wrike project management software


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