Smoke Test Machine Validates Products Before They Are Even Built

Many aspiring projects fail and there are few main reasons behind it, like price, availability, and others. But the most important one is the real market, the demand. Even tech giants like Google does mistakes and failed a lot of times for the same reason. There is even a website showing all the failed projects by Google! But most of the startups do not have monetary power like Google, so if their projects fail, it can break their hours of dedication.

Smoke Test Machine Validates Products Before They Are Even Built - 1Now, this is the situation where Smoke Test Machine comes into play. Thanks to the AI Technology of Smoke Test Machine, it produces custom market tests to validate product and services before they are even built and gives the companies another chance without spending a dime. Andy Turner, Co-Founder of Smoke Test Machine said “80% of the 627.000 businesses that launch every year fail within 18 months, and for about half of them, it is because their products serve no market. Those are the companies we help, that is our market.”

Smoke Test Machine Validates Products Before They Are Even Built - 2Smoke Test Machine – Key Differences

  • Pin Point Accuracy: Smoke Test Machine is 10x more exact to guess the equation than the closest competitor.
  • Fast Delivery: Where the process takes weeks or months, Smoke Test Machines do all the works in a few days, saving product development resources.
  • Easy to Use: Simply fill an online form, let the Machine know what you want to test, what kind of product it is, intended market and your personal assumptions.
  • Actionable Results: The machine provides simple and intuitive results to make your decision easier.
  • Security: Real-time encryption, legal binding, non-disclosure agreements – these are the policies which protect your privacy.
  • Unbeatable Price: Smoke Test Machine provides market tests for up to a 100th of the price of comparable services.

Smoke Test Machine – Availability

Smoke Test Machine can serve anyone and anywhere, but market test and support are only available in English for now. More languages will be added soon and you can subscribe to the waiting list for your language.

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