Top 5 Best Free Music Streaming Apps in India

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Everyone loves music and especially in India, music is a religion. I remember the large cassette collection of my elder brother of which he is still very proud of! But the days have changed for good. Right now, we can have as many songs as we want right in our pocket ready to play. There is a lot of free music streaming apps are available in India. As new competitors joining the music streaming service competition it is the right time to choose a side, so let’s compare 5 of the best music streaming apps available now in India.

Top 5 best free music streaming apps in India [2019]

1. Spotify

Top 5 Best Free Music Streaming Apps in India - 1
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Spotify, the pioneer of streaming music has recently made its entry in India and they already set a position for themselves. Only in a week, Spotify has 1 million users, which show how impatient we were to taste it. Spotify is arguably the best streaming app in India now as it has one of the largest catalog available and has a great song recommendation algorithm.

It has free and premium subscription of Rs 129/month. The free tier allows you to play any song anytime (unlike the US free tier where you can only play music in shuffle mode) supported with audio adverts in between. But there is a big problem, at least for now for Spotify. As Warner Music Group is not allowing Spotify to play songs from their banner in India and as a result now we cannot listen to artists like Linkin Park, Ed Sheeran, Cardi B, and others. So in case, you cannot live without their music you should wait for some time or go with our second best recommendation.

2. Google Play Music

Top 5 Best Free Music Streaming Apps in India - 2

Everyone using Android has Google Play Music app pre-loaded and the streaming service is started just a couple of years back. Google Play Music has got both free and premium subscription of Rs 99/month options. Its catalog is filled with 35 million songs and counting. But that’s not all, one of the unique features it has got is you can upload up to 50,000 songs of yours to the cloud (that does not count against Google Drive space) and listen to them anywhere online. I personally feel the interface is a bit clumsy but hey, you are getting a lot for what you are paying.

Google Play Music

3. YouTube Music

Top 5 Best Free Music Streaming Apps in India - 3

YouTube Music is another streaming service offering from Google which has an added feature of playing music videos. It has all the songs from Google Play Music Library and if you subscribe for the same, you automatically get subscribed to YouTube Music and vice-versa. It also has both free and premium subscription, but the free one is not that great as the main problem is you cannot turn off the screen while listening or it will turn off, just like YouTube. The premium version is available for 99 Rupees or you can also subscribe for YouTube Premium for 129 Rupees per month which comes bundled with YouTube Music.

Google Play Music

4. SoundCloud

Top 5 Best Free Music Streaming Apps in India - 4
Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash

SoundCloud is the biggest service for emerging artists all around the world to get noticed and therefore you get never bored listening to the old tracks. It also has the most popular songs in the collection. Just like Spotify, SoundCloud also learns your music taste and show music feed based on that. Currently, SoundCloud is completely free if you listen online but if you want to download tracks for offline streaming, you have to subscribe to one of their plan of 4.99$ (SoundCloud Go) or 9.99$ (SoundCloud Go +).

5. JioSaavn

Top 5 Best Free Music Streaming Apps in India - 5

Jio and Saavn collaboration brought JioSaavn to the table a few months ago and as a free tier competitor. Currently, JioSaavn has the best offerings in India. It has over 50 million songs in the collection from 15 regional languages of India. They also offer international songs, but the collection is not as large as some other competitors. The suggestions are also not as great as Spotify but the UI is good enough. As there is a tough competition, JioSaavn pushed their limits and they are offering a full year of premium subscription for only 299 Rupees. There is also a monthly subscription option, but that charges standard 99 rupees.

Well, that’s the list of 5 best free music streaming apps available in India now. There are other music apps like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Gaana, etc. but their suggestions are not as strong as the ones’ I mentioned here and the visuals are not appealing to my eyes.

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