Huawei is all set to launch its own OS in the Fall 2019

In an effort to win the US-China trade war, Trump’s administration has laid a ban on Huawei. This made the majority of the US-based companies to not able to carry out the business with China’s tech giant Huawei. This ban created major ripples in Huawei business, but the biggest upshot was when Google canceled its Android license. This typically means, the forthcoming Huawei phones might not be able to use the ‘Android OS’, and the Huawei phones that are already available in the market will not receive any security updates in the future. Though Google temporarily lifted it and allowed for 3 months, that doesn’t really give a clear picture of Huawei’s Android phones’ future.

For the same reason, Huawei is reportedly launching its own OS to substitute the Android OS in the future phones. This was confirmed by a tweet from GlobalTimes, a Chinese newspaper. The tweet suggests that the Huawei owned operating system will be launched in the market by the end of Q3 2019 i.e., either in August or September. The mobile operating system developed by Huawei will have 2 different versions. The domestic version [China] will be named as HongMeng OS, while the international version will be known as Oak OS.

The functionality of the new OS will be close to Android, and the customers will be able to use Android Apps over the Oak OS or HongMeng OS. This inter compatibility can lead to major issues to Google as until now, Android apps were not available on any other OS. This could actually end the monopoly of Google in the smartphone OS. However, it’s unclear whether Google would likely allow Huawei to launch its own OS, and might extend the temporary license further.

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Huawei is all set to launch its own OS in the Fall 2019 - 2
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