Top 5 reasons for music lovers to pair an iPod with smartphone

Top 5 reasons for music lovers to pair an iPod with smartphone - 4

People who know me will actually think I’ve gone crazy or smoking some weird stuff recently reading the headline. The reason is simple- I just say ‘iShit’ to those who say iPhones are superior to Android phones. Perspective is always variable, and priorities and needs change from person to person, so today I will be talking about the Top 5 reasons why you should get an iPod instead of a smartphone for music. This is only for people who love listening to music a lot and want to enjoy it anywhere.

iPod is PMP, a smartphone is a phone which can do multitasking

PMP- Personal Media Player, something which is made for media consumption only, and iPod is just a PMP, not any other kind of device. Some people have some misconception, but keep that in mind.

“All iPods are PMPs, but not all PMPs are iPods”

Now, if you’re looking for a great smartphone for media consumption, especially here I’m talking about music only probably you will be disappointed after you buy the phone spends a lot of money. The main problem with smartphones is that there are few phones who deliver a moderate level of music experience. And in some cases, even flagships fail. And I will blame smartphone manufacturers for that, nowadays, some brands don’t offer headphones with some entry level phones and well, sometimes their headphones with the package is so pathetic that I just give them away to someone who needs one for calling only. On the other hand, you have two options, spend money again on a good headphone or just enjoy the pathetic sound quality. :P The problem doesn’t end here.

Battery backup

Moving onto the second reason in my Top 5 reasons to get yourself an iPod, the 2nd reason is perhaps the strongest reason I can say. Smartphones are battery hungry and when you’re listening to music a lot, like an hour or so, you will experience heavy drain, so it’s not a good idea to use a smartphone. You will finally end up with no juice left for your important stuff, like mobile data or sometimes, if it dies you will miss even the most important calls of course. Now you must be wondering that why the hell one cannot just simply charge when the battery level is low! No one carries a fast charger with them all the time, neither charging a smartphone is as fast as the rate of drainage. So, using an iPod is a better option, it can last at least two days under heavy usage while the smartphone will die within a few hours under heavy usage.


I agree with the fact that a smartphone nowadays has got much greater processing power than that of an iPod, but just for listening to music do you even need such specifications? NO! If you are a music lover and also a smartphone freak you can go for some really good phones according to your needs rather than buying expensive ones unnecessarily, and you can save around Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 16,000 and spend that on an iPod.

Because of size matters!

No matter how high-end phones you buy, there will be always a problem with the size of the phone and it’s a tricky job to pull your phone out of pocket everywhere, especially if you travel in Delhi Metro and want to just jump to other tracks! Phones are getting bigger with more battery backup, better camera, and hardware, but ultimately they end up losing in front of an iPod at the end of the day, in every aspect.

A smartphone is ultimately a phone

Ultimately, the last reason in my Top 5 reasons why you should get an iPod is something which bothers me pretty often. A phone is a device for communication first, then it can be used in other ways. If you looking forward to using your smartphone for other purposes mainly without getting much into the main usage, then probably something is wrong with either the smartphone makers or you!

My Personal Reasons

Nowadays, I absolutely see no manufacturers making phones aimed towards music lovers like it used to be in the past- mainly I will mention Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Now the trend is something like this-

  1. Launch a phone with a high-end processor having serious issues
  2. Kickass camera, compare it with iPhones
  3. Talk about design, how it’s unique and superior to others
  4. How great it performs and throw some benchmark test scores on the face of journalist present out there
  5. At last, announce that you are providing some top-notch headphones with the phone, just to show that you’re not like any other smartphone maker, be it headphones from House of Marley or ZenEar, the scenario is almost similar.
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