Why free online Software should be avoided?

Free online Software is undoubtedly the easiest to use with several handy features. However, the software might be free, but it might cost you a fortune later! Not only you give away the complete access of your device but also have an open window to Virus Attacks/Malware etc. Don’t you remember the Download button which pops suddenly when you visit a random site, which frankly is nothing but malware in disguise?

In a nutshell, Free online software download can be dangerous and we tell you much more than Why?

The user firstly tends to welcome Adware, which is nothing but a malware that forces unintended advertising upon the victim and also is a popular addition to free download. This can be done in several ways. It can create unwanted pop-up advertising. Many times, these unwanted pop-ups are for offensive Web sites, such as pornography, or they may be in the form of scareware.

Scareware is false advertisements that claim that a computer has a virus or other infection, and then defrauds the victim by either selling them software that doesn’t work or leads them to download more malware onto their computer.

Secondly, Threats get free entry. Threats such as rootkits, bots, keyloggers, hackers, phishing scams, and infected Web sites breeze right past most free online software. These threats can pose an even bigger danger than viruses. They can lead to a hard drive crash, system failure or even identity theft.

Not to miss the Cybercriminals prefer the path of least resistance. Target is the poster child of a major network attack through third-party entry points. This way your personal data can be on the threat. Your financial credentials can be stolen if the software links to your bank account.

If you are skeptical of investing, you can try before you buy a piece of software. 14 – 30 days is a substantial amount of time of trial versions of reputed paid online software. Stay Safe!

This guest post is contributed by Mr. Zakir Hussain, Director, BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd.

Last Updated on by Vamsee Angadala

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