Acer showcases its Self Driving Concept Car at Taiwan Automative Technology Innovation Summit 2018

Acer a Taiwanese tech giant displayed its most anticipated self driving concept car at Taiwan Automotive Technology Innovation Summit 2018.

Yulon Group, one of the top automakers and its subsidiaries HAITEC and Luxgen have worked with Acer on this project to bring their vision of AI and autonomous driving technology into a reality. The concept car packs key features like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and autonomous driving technology.
“Both the automotive and ICT industries are going through a paradigm shift; automation, connectivity, electrification, and ‘servicification’ are key trends of future development,” said Edward Lin, Associate Vice President, Value Lab, Acer Inc. “In the realm of smart transportation, Acer already has a foothold in electronic ticketing, smart parking, connected car, and traffic prediction, and we’re excited to work with Yulon Group to venture into self-driving cars.” Adding to that he further stated that “With Acer’s strength across software, hardware, and services, we’re in a great position to leverage our AI technology and fulfill the vision of Mobility as a Service (MaaS).”
In the upcoming trend of automation which will be immensely impactful in pretty much every industry, Self Driving Cars adds a great means to it.
The self-driving concept car which according to the company is made on the 4th level autonomous driving and is based on the Luxgen S3 electric vehicle platform, which also incorporates Acer’s autonomous driving system, encompasses sensing, decision-making, and control.
The self-driving System of Acer also leverages AI along with sensor fusion algorithms fed with data from real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning, cameras, Lidars, MMW radars, IMU (inertial measurement unit) and ultrasonic sensors. To conduct object recognition implementation dynamic vehicle control to realize autonomous driving the system utilizes the concept of Deep Learning, according to the press release.
Acer further mentioned in its press release that it makes its dynamic vehicle control decisions through utilizing AI models based on key data, including image recognition, 3D Lidar obstacle detection, high-precision maps, and real-time positioning. And incorporating all these essential elements the driving system will be easily capable enough to the steer, brake, cruise, maneuver, and park.
Besides that, the Self Driving System also includes a cloud management system for car sharing services so a control center can send vehicles when users make transportation requests on their mobile device. The system can manage scheduling, monitoring, notifying, and reporting. It also allows safety monitoring and human mediation.
Acer aims to enable multiple levels of autonomous driving utilizing its self-driving system in the future, to collaborate on next-generation self-driving services, along with plans to open a platform for partners and developers.


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