Anatomy of a Tech Startup Team – by Wrike project management software

Building a company is a very tough job. When it comes to startup we need to take care of every minute thing. First of all, every startup needs to know the roles of every person involved. A good team can do magic when compared to an unassigned management team. In this article, we show the anatomy of a tech startup team.

There are 1000s of businesses you could start but how to ensure success. Stories about the founding of any company begin with motivation. Building a technology product startup can be daunting for new entrepreneurs. There are a few essential steps you need to take before starting a business.

Balanced team

For any startup, founders with complementary skill sets are absolutely crucial to increase their probability of success. The often mentioned 3H team – Hipster, Hacker, and Hustler are a reality for any startup in its early days. While the Hipster brings his/her creative genius and design sensibility to create a beautiful yet usable product, the Hacker is the full stack technology whiz-kid who ensures that the product works smoothly without any glitches. Finally, the Hustler carefully packages all these ingredients to make it a marketable product and forges important partnerships for consistent growth.

Product –Market Fit  

Often founders start building a product without any feedback from real users and end up developing a technologically amazing, yet practically unusable product that does not solve the pain point of end users.

Technology-based DNA

It goes without saying that a technology startup needs to have a hyper-productive engineering team that is clued into the latest technology developments in both backend and front-end technologies. From code/feature upgrades to writing new lines of codes to bug fixes, the engineering team optimizes the product for best user experience and finally ships the product at lightning speed to stay ahead of the competition.

Here’s an Infographic brought to you by Wrike, a project management software app showcasing the complete anatomy of a tech startup team.

Anatomy of a Tech Startup Team - by Wrike project management software

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