Mercury Launched Premium Series of Chassis in Affordable Price Point

Mercury, a brand of Kobian Pte Ltd, is a well-known brand for producing budget electronic products, like Wooden Speakers and Headphones. Today, the company announced its latest entry of the Premium series of computer cases Giga, Hexa, Penta, and Mega in India. The chassis provides good performance with high airflow and overall space.

Mercury – Giga, Hexa, Penta, and Mega Chassis

The premium series cases include mostly all the features you can find on higher-priced cases, which makes it appealing for both casual and competitive gamers. Well-mannered cable-routing and black painting interior make it easy to set up while looking elegant. Even if you are a modder or professional video editor, these are great at the price point.

Ms. Sushmita Das, Country Manager – India, Kobian Pte Ltd. said, “We are excited for the launch of our new Premium Series of Chassis. We at Kobian always strive for best and keep adding improvements to meet the market demands. The Premium Series of Chassis is a great value case that breaks the mould by offering intelligent features, great cooling expandability, elegant looks, and are extremely easy to build.”

Specifications of the Chassis

GIGA, PENTA and MEGA chassis measures 340mm x 173mm x 410mm (H x W x H) respectively and powered by two 1.0 USB ports and an audio port. These also come with an 8cm cooling fan in the back. On the other hand, HEXA comes with two 1.0 & 3.1USB ports and also has the potential for even stronger cooling, as it can support up to 15 LED red cooling fans.

Price and Availability

All 4 cases are available through the Kobian network of authorized distributors and dealers immediately and come with a warranty of 1 year.

For the latest price of all these premiums and other more affordable chassis visit Mercury website or contact your local Mercury sales representative.