Nikon Announces Firmware Ver. 2.0 for Nikon Z7 and Z6

Nikon Announces Firmware Ver. 2.0 for Nikon Z7 and Z6 - 4
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Nikon India has announced they are releasing firmware version 2.0 which will improve the performance of its full-frame mirrorless cameras, the Nikon Z7, and Z6. The three main additional features added to the firmware are Eye-Detection AF with still-image shooting, the extension of the low-light AF detection range and lastly addition of AE tracking capability to the continuous high-speed (extended) mode.

Firmware Ver. 2.0 for Nikon Z7 & Z6 – Primary features

Nikon Announces Firmware Ver. 2.0 for Nikon Z7 and Z6 - 5
Eye-Detection AF in Nikon Z6 and Z7

1. Eye-Detection AF with Still-Image Shooting
The new firmware adds the ability to focus on human eyes automatically in the auto-area AF (AF-S, AF-C) mode. If there are multiple human eyes detected, the multi-selector or sub-selector comes in handy to choose the eye the camera should focus on. This feature can also be used while looking through Electronic Viewfinder and if the subject’s face is partially covered by some object or if the subject changes their pose frequently.

2. Extension of the Low-Light AF Detection Range
When the scene is dark or dimly lit, the new update will enhance auto-focusing speed for stills and videos. It will extend the low-light AF detection range down from -1EV to -2EV with the Z7, and from 2 EV to 3.5EV with the Z6. Additionally, Z6 will be able to auto-focus in a darker scenario, as the available low-light AF detection range will be extended from -4EV to -6EV.

3. Addition of AE Tracking Capability to the Continuous High-Speed (extended) Mode
In earlier firmware version, auto exposure was locked with the first shot in a burst or high-speed continues shooting. But with the help of firmware version 2.0, the camera can track and adjust exposure for every single shot in those modes.

If you want to download and use the updated firmware for free, you can get it from Nikon’s Download Center. There will be some easy instructions to help you successfully install the firmware.

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