Spotify Lite Launched in India

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Previously Spotify said that India is a big market for them and they will surely do something to make Indian ‘fans’ happy. So, they’ve brought the Spotify to India. Even though we still cannot listen to artists like Linkin Park here and that’s another thing we should worry about. However, Spotify has also launched its Lite version app in India as beta testing.

The Spotify Lite app was first launched in Brazil in June last year and now available in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, and other countries. As similar to other lite apps like Google Go, YouTube Go, Facebook Lite, this app is also made overall application size and data usage keeping in mind.

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Data Limit Tab on Spotify Lite

Although most of the features of Spotify app is available in the lite version, you also get some other nifty features, like you can choose how much data the application can use and set an overall monthly limit. The regular Spotify app takes storage space of 30 MB whereas the lite version takes up only 11 MB.

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Connect to a Device Tab on Spotify

The main difference between the regular app and Spotify Lite is, from the regular Spotify app you can change the device in which the music is playing. For example, if your phone and laptop are connected to internet or wifi you can change the streaming device just in a touch (or click if you changed from the laptop) but that cannot be done from Spotify Lite. Other differences are mostly visual as the Lite app has fewer gradient effects and the search tab does not show artists faces. it only displays the background color for genres. Spotify is hoping that India will be their biggest market for Spotify Lite.

To be honest, Spotify is struggling to get a big slice of cake in India as it is competing with all the major worldwide streaming services like Google Play Music, Apple Music and also local giants like JioSaavn and Gaana who offer premium subscription in less price. Warner Brothers also have not settled in and therefore Spotify is not allowed to play some great music which the other services can. Now it is a matter of time to see if the global leaders can beat their competitors in India also. Anyway, you can try out the Spotify Lite [Beta] from below, and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section.

Spotify Lite
Price: To be announced

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