Brigge App Review – How to meet people with same Hobbies [#HobbyWeek]

Brigge App Review - How to meet people with same Hobbies [#HobbyWeek] - 4

Who doesn’t want to meet the people with same minded, I mean having same crazy hobbies like you? Of course, it’s everyone’s wish to meet people who think like them. Well, there are many dating apps, social networks filled with the different mindset of people, but none of them have filters to figure out who has the same hobbies like you, and that too present in your city. Let me introduce you a new app which I’ve been trying from past 1 month & you might have already seen our tweets about it. Yes! It’s Brigge App [pronounced as Bridge]. Find out how you can meet people with same hobbies just like yours by reading the Brigge app review.

Brigge App Review

The people behind the Brigge App kept a perfect tag line for their app.

Discover. Connect. Do! 

Isn’t it understandable?

“You can discover people who have similar hobbies, connect with them with your activities or join their activities if they are running any & do meet them to open up about your hobbies, and what other interests you have!”

In simple, they perfectly defined the whole concept of their app in just 3 words! #Kudos to them! Now, let me tell you in what way the app is useful from a user perspective, and how useful it is to connect with others.

As you might know, I’ve been using the app for more than a month now as a part of Bangalore #HobbyWeek, and have successfully organized two activities, out of which, one was about Tech Blog basics which is created to connect with people who have similar hobbies, but have no idea how to start & the other was about Writing basics which is to connect with aspiring writers & help them turn their hobby into habit.

So, how did I started with the Brigge App?

Before getting started, you should definitely need to download this app and I can confirm you won’t regret it. The app is not heavy and is below 10MB.

Brigge App Review - How to meet people with same Hobbies [#HobbyWeek] - 7
The app was not found in the store. :-(

Just in case if you don’t want to use the mobile app, you can always opt for the web version, but I highly recommend the mobile app. Here you go, install it! You can log in with Facebook or signup using your personal Email id. As the Brigge app is more of an invite-based app, so it will ask you to enter referral code, here you go, you can use mine – YQI965

Now, let me continue the Brigge App review, and make you understand how I felt connecting with people using the app.

After creating the 2 activities, I have invited few of my Facebook friends who have similar interests or you can say wanted to take tech blogging & writing as their hobbies, but struggling to find a way! So, they all joined the activities by accepting my invitation. We made a group on the Brigge app itself & started interacting with each other, as few of them were not mutual friends, & finally got up a plan to meet up on Aug 27th & 28th to interact directly. As you know direct communication is always a better idea than just interacting online, so we met & had a great conversation on how to take these hobbies as their daily habits. This is how Brigge app helped me meet the people who have similar interests like me, now how can you meet one with similar interests?

How can You start with the Brigge App?brigge-app-home-screen

As you know, meeting people directly & interacting face to face has more advantage than just chatting, or talking over the phone. Though social media is killing our time & also keeping us stick to phones and made us stay indoors, apps like Brigge help us connect with people with same/ different interests. You can consider this as an opportunity & can meet people with same interests like you! Let’s get started!

  • It seems you’ve already installed the app & activated the account by signing up using the referral code I gave above!
  • All you have to do now is select your interests/ hobbies & select your location. Here you may feel some issues like ‘app not responding’, you can report it to the team. Just in case, if you faced an issue like this, go ahead with the web version
  • After selecting the necessary interests, go through your profile, and update your profile description. Also, add if the profile picture is missing
  • Now, it’s time to explore the activities you’re interested. Use the Explore option, and filter the hobbies based on your interests
  • If you’ve not found any hobby relevant to yours, go ahead and start your own activity by going to your profile> add activity
  • Fill all the necessary details, so the member who has similar hobby can know about the activity. You can also start a group with similar objective and start inviting the members who shown interest. They can also be your Facebook friends. You can easily invite them from your profile
  • Now, it’s time make a meetup! Plan everything inside your group and fix a date to meet the people having the same interest

And, that’s it! Yup! It’s that simple as it sounds. I would recommend go through the news feed to see what’s happening in your city. The app also recommends activities based on your location, and you can join to know/ learn about others’ hobbies.

While using the app, I haven’t felt any issue. I can easily disable the annoying notifications too. Check the above gallery for more information.


The concept of the app may not be new, but the way they executed is something unique. You can easily filter out the activities based on your interests, and are able to join the activities to learn about others’ hobbies/ interests. If you want to meet up with other people having similar interests/ hobbies then Brigge app is a perfect medium for you to make it possible!

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