Cellphone Bargain Hunt: Grab the best deals now from GearBest [April 2015]

Cellphone Bargain Hunt: Grab the best deals now from GearBest [April 2015] - 4

Cellphone Bargain Hunt started in GearBest, Get ready to grab a smartphone for free. I guess most of you will love to get one for free or may be you will love some cool deals also. So, here’s your chance to either grab the best deals on smartphones or even you may be lucky enough to get one smartphone for free. Earlier we’ve posted some great deals from GearBest on the account of March Markdown Madness deals 2015, and this time something new in the same genre.

Our partner GearBest is back with another great sale: Cellphone bargain hunt, and this time the sale is in for smartphones only, so if you are planning to buy one, this is the right time. And this is a limited time offer which is valid from April 6th- 13th, 2015.

gearbest promo

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So, what phones are there in their sale? May be you have heard about Meizu or it has already been launched in your country, even if it is not there in your place, don’t worry, GearBest will ship everything to almost all parts of the world through world-class couriers like DHL or EMS. So, you can grab a Meizu MX4 Pro, or what about Gionee Elife E7? A sleek and slim smartphone with rock solid specs? Or you if you like something completely different and with rock solid specs, grab a OnePlus One from GearBest.

Everything You need to Know About Cellphone Bargain 2015 from GearBest:

So, what is the deal? Well, all the smartphones are available at low prices with good discounts or in other words you can say as price cuts. That’s not all, you may even grab one of them for free, completely free when you make a purchase. In order to get a free Smartphone for Just $0 you’ve to follow some simple rules.

  • Order any phone from the sale and pay the price.
  • As soon as you order a phone, you get one entry to lucky draw.
  • Orders take place from all over the world, and each time a total of 50 orders complete, a lucky draw takes place.
  • In the lucky draw, if you win you will get a coupon worth the same price you just paid for your phone. So, that means you got your phone for free.
  • Winners will be announced on GearBest blog, stay tuned for the blog.

The deals are actually divided into several categories like “Best selling cellphones”, “$50 – $70 cellphones”, with in 100, 150 and finally below $400 making it easy to choose a smartphone as per your budget.

From the Editor’s Team:

These “A” class deals are limited and will stay upto 13th April, Better buy a phone now or you’ll regret it later

Winners List:

Email: eftychi***@gmail.com
Order number:  W1504061344057820
Ordered items: Elephone P2000($139.99) + Case for Elephone P2000($6.69) + Shipping Insurance($3.93)
Country: Greece

–More will be updated


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