Hexlock App Review – The Only Security App You’ll Ever Need in an Android Phone

Hexlock App Review - The Only Security App You'll Ever Need in an Android Phone - 4

The security of the smartphones became very important these days. Even if the Android operating system has some basic security features to protect devices from the wrong hands, nowadays the smartphone usage became quite obvious. Smartphones are carrying sensitive data which contains banking information to personal photos and videos that all need extreme protection from others. If you are one of them who wanted to protect personal or financial information in Android devices from wrong hands, Hexlock App is for you.

Google PlayStore has some decent security apps which are capable of securing your device with various options. Hexlock is one of them that effectively locks the smartphone access by protecting it from unauthorized access. Using the app, users will be able to lock specific applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Play Store, etc. that will be helpful when transferring your device to your friends or relatives. Apart from just a phone locker, the app delivers some nice set of features that are very useful for protecting Android devices from external use.

So, we’ve decided to write a review of the Hexlock app to let you know more about the features and functions. Have a look at it.

Hexlock App Review

hexlock-app-review-6Hexlock is developed by the Liquidum Limited in between many of their successful applications like RocketVPN. The primary target of the app is to provide a better way of locking Android smartphones. Every time, locking the entire smartphone may not be the right way. When you need to transfer the device to your friends, you should unlock the device to satisfy them. But it gives them the entire control over your smartphone and no barriers in between them and the device files.

To overcome this issue, Hexlock is coming with the app lock functionality that allows users to seamlessly manage the authentication of specific apps. So that, even if the device is in unlocked mode, users will not have access to the pre-locked applications without your permission. In addition, the Hexlock has a Media Vault that hides your sensitive photos and videos in a separate gallery which you can pre-set as per your intentions. So, the locked photos and videos will not be shown in slideshows or in the gallery grid. They can be accessed only by you from the app.

If you are a parent and wanted to keep an eye on your smartphone which struggles in the hands of your kids, the Hexlock can do the job for you. No more need to hold your breath to stop your kids small hands from ordering stuff from Amazon or buying a game from the Play store. Just lock those applications and important files to build a secure fence between your kids and your credit card. This is a unique feature which we can’t see on normal phone locking apps.

If any one of your friends are wise and you think they can easily uninstall Hexlock from your smartphone, you got it wrong. The application couldn’t be uninstalled by any human without you giving the credentials to them. It even coming with the Self-activate feature that automatically turns on the app when you change networks. So, this is not just a phone and photo locker.

Features of the HexLock App

  • Lock apps seamlessly
  • A secure picture and video vault
  • Parental control to keep an eye on your kids
  • Protect your device from any external access
  • Couldn’t be uninstalled without credentials


After having hours of testing procedure on different devices, we found this as an extremely useful application to protect your files and apps as well as the entire device. We tried many methods to uninstall it without the credentials, but the app won the battle. So, if you would like to protect your apps, photos, or videos with your own credentials, the Hexlock is a good choice. You can download it from the following link.

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