Microsoft launches new lock screen replacement app for Android

Microsoft launches new lock screen replacement app for Android - 4

A utility app, rolled out in the Play Store from Microsoft and all happened without any kind of prior notice or announcement.Microsoft launches new lock screen replacement app for Android - 5

Microsoft has been interested in Android for a while and we are looking at the effects, so from the company another product has arrived- an app which works as a lock screen replacement. Wait, not just a lock screen replacement, it has other features also, which can help you a lot and keep you updated. Names as Picturesque Lock Screen, the app does much more than just a lock screen. So, let’s take a sneak peak into the app.

The lock screen has some handy shortcuts which are pretty useful, the app makes the lock screen beautiful by adding images from Bing. Picturesque Lock Screen is just like a second home screen. It has multiple screens that you scroll through, also there is a Bing search bar, a customizable news feed, weather reports, device notifications, shortcuts to frequently used apps and settings toggles. It also adds the daily Bing homepage image and also lets you change the image with just a shake.

So the question is how useful the app really is. Well, I don’t always use lock screen apps, because they consume at least a little amount of RAM which usually can affect performance of the phone which I don’t want at all. And for locking down the phone  Picturesque Lock Screen is not useful at all, you can use plenty of other apps to protect your privacy. But if you want the latest news and updates, without unlocking your phone, this app may turn out be a good choice, however, the widgets will be data plan hungry and they will keep updating, which will also lead to some battery drain. So, try it out, use it for a while, if you like it keep using or else, there is always an option to uninstall any app. Grab it from Play Store below.

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