Google Maps Now Shows Live Info about Buses, Trains and Mixed-Mode Travels in India

Google is known for catering to region-specific needs with its products. In the same vein, the tech giant has come up with some new features in the Google Maps app for its Indian consumers. While using the app, users in the ten largest cities of India can now get a live update about bus travel time. The same goes for trains of Indian Railways. There are also mixed-mode journey routes available that include auto-rickshaws with public transport.

Google Maps India – Live Update of Public Transport Buses

Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Pune, Surat, Mysore and Coimbatore are going to be the first ever cities in India to have a GMaps feature where, taking advantage of its live traffic data and the public bus schedules, Google can calculate accurate travel time and predict delays in real-time. This can be a life-saver for millions of commuters to use public transport in India on a daily basis.

Real-time Information for Trains

The same is true for long-distance trains where one can get up-to-date information about schedules, travel times, delays, etc. Here Google benefits from the Where Is My Train app that it acquired last year. One can search for their starting location and destination or origin and destination stations and the app will show them a list with all the available trains. Also one can check the live updates about the statuses of the trains right in the app.

Direction Results for Mixed-mode Travels

Google Maps will henceforth show mixed-mode direction results also that include auto-rickshaws. The public transport tab on the app will tell you if taking a mixed-mode journey is a viable option, how long it will take and where you should take an auto to and from. However, this feature will initially be available in Delhi and Bangalore only and is expected to be extended to other major cities soon.

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