Google Pixel 3a & 3a XL Official Renders Are Out!

Recently, Google teased that May 7th will have an official announcement of something in association with ‘Avengers: End Game, and what we know is it’s going to be Pixel 3a. Although there are many leaks about the Google Pixel 3a, this is the first time we are having a look at the official renders of the Google Pixel 3a.

These renders of the Pixel 3a do highlights the product launch date. As mentioned, previously, Google teased May 7th as the announcement day of some product, and even the renders of Pixel 3a showcases the same date. This makes us pretty sure that Google Pixel 3a along with Google Pixel 3a XL is going to be announced on May 7th.

Looking at the renders one can easily say that Google Pixel 3a & 3a XL are going to look the same. Yet, both phones will have some differences including the screen size & the SoC. The Pixel 3a will sport a 5.6-inch screen while the Pixel 3a XL will come with a 6-inch. Powering both the units will be 4 GB of RAM coupled with Snapdragon 670 for the Pixel 3a, while the larger one, the Pixel 3a XL will have a more powerful Snapdragon 710.

Both the phones from Google are going with the traditional bezels, without any notches. It was quite evident from previous leaks too, but this official renders made it clear. Pixel 3a does have a chin which is visible providently. Another major difference in both devices is the width. The Pixel 3a is quite thin when compared with the Pixel 3a XL. This is due to the smaller one being 18.5:9 while the larger one being 18:9.

It is not long for the launch of the product, and hence there are not going to be any major changes. More about the Pixel 3a & Pixel 3a XL will be out in the coming days, stay tuned to be updated.

Google Pixel 3a & 3a XL Official Renders Are Out! - 1

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