Netcore organized corporate training program on AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the two most prominent technologies that have come a long way although it is arguably considered to be something contemporary and quite unfamiliar by a number of people out there.

However, the fact is that it is already shaping the future of mankind by getting used to our work. And still, we haven’t fully utilized its ultimate potential yet. Both technologies have been adopted and implemented in multiple sectors of business, and each one of them uses a different approach towards the marketing domain, by bringing a revolutionary change in the conventional system which we can already feel so far.

In this thriving world of evolution, there are numerous companies nailing its implementation, and among them, Netcore, a global marketing tech company is striving hard to get an edge over these new age technologies. Ever since its inception, the company is redefining the perspective of the digital marketing ecosystem by offering multiple services and solutions for enterprises.

Apart from that they also contribute towards making everyone aware of these technologies by conducting various types of campaigns and training programs. Recently, they organized a corporate training program on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Marketers to get an edge in this new age of technology. They aimed at educating markets about the benefits of deploying these technologies. The initiative also covered the essentials on how AI-enabled Marketing can enhance customer experience, the 4 W’s of AI, and implementing the AI to increase ROI of the campaigns.

According to them, marketers nowadays have changed their approach from batch & blast to a behavioral approach in their marketing automation strategy and they are doing this by deploying analytics tools. Also, they can set smart triggers based on various criteria such as RFM (Recency, Frequency, & Monetary analysis) combined with demographic & category affinity. By implementing Artificial Intelligence, they can get the most out of their strategies along with hyper-personalize campaigns aimed at creating 1:1 customer experiences.

Besides that, these technologies also harness the consumer data and precisely analyze it to generate insights in response to unpredictable situations, and that too in real time. By seeing this new technique of deploying AI and ML in the marketing domain, the Netcore spokesperson said,

“Successful brands today have good offerings for the customer backed with strong technologies and solutions including cloud services. However, a unified view of the customer is possible with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning who are key differentiators in a highly competitive market scenario where brands must continuously and innovatively engage with the customer. The workshop for marketers aimed to demystify several benefits and deployment of new age technologies like AI, ML and deep learning for their marketing campaigns”.

The training program comprised a framework to evaluate the maturity of an organization in their analytics journey and provided fundamentals for Machine Learning techniques and core algorithms. Conducted by experts from the field, the programme included:

  • Learning supervised and unsupervised ML techniques and knowing the right algorithm to choose for a given problem like fraud detection, HR attrition, Churn prediction, Segmentation, Email send time optimization
  • Showcased case studies from various sectors i.e. Banking to Aviation, to address several challenges and understand how to apply the right algorithm for a given problem like fraud detection, HR attrition, Churn prediction, Segmentation, Email send time optimization
  • Group activities where participants brainstormed and presented a 360-degree view of the customer across various industries like e-commerce, Travel, Banking and Automotive
  • Quiz and open discussions about ML algorithms, techniques and applications in different scenarios for an organization
Netcore organized corporate training program on AI and ML - 1

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