Samsung Tested the Durability of Samsung Galaxy Fold [Video]


MWC 2019 gave the chance to witness some of the best innovative smartphone design concepts like hole punch displays, port-less design, and of course, the foldable phones. Huawei Mate X was one of the first phones to show us this technology and the other one is Samsung Galaxy Fold. With this foldable design, there is a lot of new things we can do with our phones like taking a selfie with the main camera, using one display to use a full sized keyboard, playing two games together (I have no idea why you might wanna do that) and more.

With great power, comes great responsibilities, and it might not be true in every case. During the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung cleverly hid the hinge and it quickly rose to a debate. Besides, there’s one more question in everyone’s mind and it’s about durability. Does Samsung Galaxy Fold can handle extensive folding for the long run, or not?

Keeping that in mind Samsung subjected the Galaxy Fold to several rounds of folding and unfolding in their state-of-the-art reliability labs. This is to make a strong point that the Galaxy Fold is indeed, ready for everything! Here’s the video of this test happening from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Durability Test – Video

To check the durability aspect, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was examined to check if it can outlast 200,000 folds and unfolds, which is around 5 years of usage if used 100 times a day and the test took a full week to complete. While it might seem too extreme for most of the people, as we merely stick to one phone for 5 years, Samsung did it to ensure the durability of the hinged design and Infinity Flex display.

One thing to keep in mind as it was a test under controlled circumstances, the real world scenario can be different, and it is true that whenever a phone has a movable part, the rigidity is surely compromised.

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