Maybe you have wondered why we don’t just review anything, and promote very few products. In fact we have worked with some of the major smartphone, tablet, PC manufacturers and some of the reputed e-commerce websites lately this year. So, we just thought that we should help our readers to know about every single partner we have worked with till now, check below to see the partners we have been working with.

asus_logoOne of the largest PC and PC component manufacturers in the world, and now a major smartphone manufacturer. We have reviewed their smartphones and laptops, along with some other gadgets.



One of the pioneers in mobile phone development and innovation. Went out of business and lately made a great comeback, no wonder why we love each other so much. We have been reviewing their smartphones and providing FAQs to consumers.


samsung_logoThe largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and one of the biggest consumer electronics manufacturer which is behind the success of many other brands. Yaah, some people in our team really love them.


xiaomi_logoThe brand we have talked about a lot. The ‘Apple of China’ and the brand who made amazing this happen in India, and yes we support them a lot and review every single phone from them and cover stories based on this huge brand.


oneplus_logoThe maker of ‘flagship killer’ of 2014 and also the maker of probabaly the most hyped smartphone of of the 2015, OnePlus is one of our favorites. Less phones, but solid performance, affordable for all.

phicomm_logoA major smartphone manufacturer in China who recently joined the race in India, and we thought why we shouldn’t review great, affordable phones from them.


unotelly_logoWe only review the things we love, and no doubt why we reviewed a major VPN service provider. the VPN we use and love, UnoTelly.


gearbest_logoOur shopping partner, who helped us grbbing some phones prior to the launch in India, and also a great desinbationm for anyone who is looking for gadgets and smartphone deals.