Paytm Maha bazaar sale: How to buy all products at 1 Rupee?

Paytm Maha bazaar sale: How to buy all products at 1 Rupee? - 4

Paytm is coming up with its most wanted sale “Paytm Maha bazaar sale”. It will be open from 30th August to 31st August. The main feature of Paytm Maha bazaar sale is, the customer can buy any product for the cost of 1Rupee. Is this amazing right? Are you looking for some technique to buy all products at 1Rupee during the Maha bazaar sale by Paytm tonight at 12AM? here we have everything about Paytm Maha bazaar sale and how to buy all products at 1INR in the maha bazaar sale.

Paytm Maha bazaar sale: How to buy all products at 1 Rupee:Paytm Maha bazaar sale_how to get all products for Rs.1

Around 50000 Products Starting at Rs.1 or 1INR is available at Paytm today. Finally, Paytm is back with an incredible deal in which you can buy a product at Rs.1 from each category like footwears, apparels, jewelry, accessories and much more. The sale will be live from 30th August until 31st August 2016 and deals are starting at Rs.1. In the Paytm Maha bazaar sale, total 50000 products will be available and price of each product will be Rs.1. Not only this you can also win iPhones, movie tickets and much more in this sale.

So the next question is how to get all the products in Paytm Maha bazaar sale at Rs.1:

Categories at Paytm maha bazaar sale

Click here to go maha bazaar sale page.
• Click on the product.
• Log in or Sign up to your paytm account.
• Apply coupon (if available, you will find the coupon code on the product page)
• Enter your delivery address & make the payment with suitable payment mode.

Categories Available in Maha bazaar sale in Paytm:

  1. Eyewear
  2. Mobile accessories
  3. jewellery
  4. Sportswear
  5. Health and fitness
  6. Fashion
  7. Home and kitchen
  8. Home accessories

The above categories are available during the maha bazaar sale by paytm. Many of the users and subscribers of paytm are waiting to make best purchases at the cost of 1rupee.

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