Rules for iGadgetsworld team

Rules for iGadgetsworld team - 4

Hi, iGadgetsworld team ! I have been waiting from a long time, to write some tutorials and need to put some rules so we can work hard, so you guys can write well and our site will flood with high traffic

i will just start from the basic rules, so everyone will get better awareness regarding what is what? without delaying let’s start!

1. Filling  up your profile:

  • You need to fill up each and every column and must and should you need to write biographical info, you can use html (we allow only 3 links maximum and the 3 must be your social networking sites, other than that, we won’t be approving) and can link to Google+, Twitter and Facebook
  • Compulsorily you need to have a G+ profile, Twitter (on your own name) and a Facebook account(not mandatory), if you don’t have any of these, make new one!
  • while signing up Gmail account is made mandatory for security purposes and you need to link the same Gmail account to your Gravatar profile
  • fill-up everything, and I guess you know check every tab that is photo gallery , websites, etc, and if possible link to our site

gravatar profile linking and editing

2.writing + content stuff

  • After filling up your profile, contact us and we will allot you for a particular category or categories you are interested, you can check our categories in the home page
  • Now the real writing stuff begins, we will give you full details regarding how to write the stuff interestingly, what if it needs a download link, and where to upload that, and how to give link back to the source etc, we will deal this stuff everything in our tutorials
  • First of all, as per your category you need to check the latest updates and you need to post them asap, if there are no updates in your category, we will provide you an alternative category or you can post the how-to tutorials or some other stuff relating to our tech site!
  • You must be written your content on your own, not just copy pasting, we will soon give the full details, on how to give links to source images, videos etc
  • You must write a 300+ words article and must at least contain one image, if you just need to update the post with just images, you can too! but possibly short content is also ok, if there are a lot of images
  • we will soon announce how many posts you should write a day and how many must meet per week
  • we are running on several ad publishers so every rule in writing must be strictly followed

3. Sharing your posts/Things to do after writing your posts:

  • After writing your posts you need to share in every social media site of your own, and you can publish the same in our Facebook page:
  • Writing a long post with good SEO doesn’t mean that your post will get good traffic, we need to build more backlinks and need to use the social media sites for temporary traffic reach
  • Our main intention is to provide full information regarding every tech thing for the users, for that we need to know what users are thinking and what they want, so by sharing we can see how many people actually need that post, if we didn’t get any response like comments, we can shift the writing style, so sharing is mandatory and who ever the author be, everyone must share each others post in their social media site, and if they are in a tech group, it’s better to share there also, as it might be helped to others
  • sharing the postsone thing is for sure, the more the post get shared, it becomes viral and the more traffic we get!, we need good G+ and while sharing in G+ mention the post title and short description, and the reason why you should share on google+
  • google+ shareGot the difference, Google+ links are quickly indexed as it is owned by google and it’s pretty easy to gain traffic from google+ as foreign country people tend to attract if we post something new, the more the G+ we get for the post, the more it benefits to us
  • You can see our g+ profile adjacent to the content, follow our page:
  • Now coming to twitter, you know the effect of twitter, it will easily becomes viral and it is very similar to Facebook likes, we definitely need to share in twitter and Facebook (pages, groups etc)
  • Next one StumbleUpon, you guys really need to stumble up the posts, as they are the main source for the USA visitors who really love tech gadgets and tech news/ROMs etc
  • Reddit is full of readers for a particular category, and if we post on a particular category corresponding to our post, we will definitely get lots of traffic + comments!
  • Finally pinterest, if you just hover your mouse on the images, you can see the pin icon, just pin the images to your favorite boards

Just by doing all this, make a calculation, how much wide your post can reach, you are not promoting iGadgetsworld, You are promoting the post you wrote, and we are just a platform where the post is written!

We, guarantee you, you will become an efficient gadget reviewer and good writer, hope you all follow the rules, and we soon update this page with some more new rules