Top 5 Smartphone Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip Abroad

Top 5 Smartphone Apps before your next abroad trip

Planning a trip in the coming summer holidays? Whether you’re trekking in the Andes, sipping Champagne in Bordeaux or simply driving across the border, there can be some issues which you might face while traveling out of the country. Often while traveling, we get lost in mid of things either while finding a hotel, understanding the local language, knowing the currency rates, swapping apps or losing print outs of your flight ticket, hotel booking, etc. There are such apps for smartphones which can be life savior while traveling. We bring you Top 5 Travel Apps for Smartphones in 2017 to download before your next trip.

Apart from the issues mentioned above, don’t forget, if you visit the Middle East or countries like China, you many face internet blockage issues as well with few or many websites not even opening at all. Also, finding best of the local foods is also a challenge while traveling abroad. Don’t worry; check out the following list of Top 5 Smartphone apps for traveling abroad.

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Top 5 Travel Apps for Smartphones in 2017

Google Translate

Google TranslateWhile there’s a certain appeal to getting lost and immersing yourself in another culture, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to find your way. After all, imagine having to ask for directions to the nearest public restroom, and no one understands what you’re trying to say. The Google Translate app is the perfect go-to app when it comes to translating words or phrases. In fact, the free app offers easy-to-use navigation settings and provides translations in over 58 languages.

Google Translate
Price: Free

XE Currency Converter

XE Currency ConverterSometimes you may think you’re getting a deal on something, but when you check the currency conversion, you realize you may be paying more than you initially thought. Never worry about being overcharged again with this essential monetary app. With live updates every minute, you’ll always have the most up-to-date exchange rates at your fingertips. Offline use is also available for when you’re shopping sans Wifi.


Tripit AppEver have trouble keeping your trip’s itinerary in the same place? Hey, we all can be a little unorganized sometimes. Luckily, with TripIt you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your airline ticket or hotel confirmation number. This app collects your flight, hotel, and rental information and stores it for easy access. Think of it as a virtual assistant: it keeps track of all your trip’s important details- letting you sit back and relax.


Foodspotting AppAre you an adventurous eater? If so, then this next app is for you. With over 4 million (and counting!) posts, Foodspotting is a foodie’s favorite app. Not sure which restaurant to pick for dinner? Just log into Foodspotting and search for the best eats in your area. You can also browse restaurants by cuisine or simply let your mouth water by searching for the best restaurants in your area. Your taste buds will thank you for this one, though your belt might not be too happy.

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Express VPN AppPerhaps the most important app on this list, a reliable VPN is the one thing every traveler needs. From browsing the web on sketchy airport wifi to logging in on unknown public hotspots, having a VPN not only helps secure your internet connection, but it also protects your online information. A VPN stands for virtual private network. It helps safeguard your online information by hiding your real IP address as you take on an IP in the location of your choice. When you connect to a VPN, your private information becomes encrypted, keeping you safe wherever you are in the world. And, if you’re traveling to a country where internet access is restricted, you can use a VPN to bypass geographical restrictions and unblock the web instantly.  

These apps will not only save your day while traveling abroad but also will enrich your travel experience. We hope you enjoy your trip! Make sure you’re properly prepared by downloading these Top 5 Travel apps before you leave.

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