WhatsApp emerges as a new platform to bust criminals

WhatsApp emerges as a new platform to bust criminals - 4

Already WhatsApp is ruling the IM industry and now, it has appeared as a crime stopper in India.

wtWhatsApp is still the boss in the IM industry with over 50 billion users worldwide, with lots of features and great UI, easy sign up process and all. But in India, WhatsApp is now being used as a tool to stop crimes across the country. A few weeks ago, Lucknow Police brough this idea dn encourage people to report cars with tinted and black glasses. It also encouraged the use of WhatsApp to report traffic offences like not stopping at the red light, rash driving and driving without helmet on two-wheelers. Lucknow’s Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Navneit Sikera expressed his happiness at the outcome of this project. In the last few weeks alone, more than 3,363 challans have been issued based on WhatsApp pictures and videos that people sent to the police. Also, police is ready to fight molestation cases and eve-teasing wit the help of this messenger. “We will now also use the application to check eve teasing and the WhatsApp mobile number will be connected to the highly successful women’s power line 1090,” said Sikera.

Government Railway Police is also implementing WhatsApp usage to take action against railway employees and passengers who are travelling without tickets. “We have been flooded with complaints that TTEs (Travelling Ticket Examiners) seek bribes to confirm tickets and also adjust illegal passengers on board trains and sometimes even GRP constables are said to be indulging in extortion. WhatsApp has emerged as a major crime stopper for us,” said a senior GRP official.

Now, another point of using WhatsApp has been found out by  UP State Roadways Transport Corporation (UPSRTC). Passengers have been asked to click dirty toilets, lack of drinking water problems and other problems and send them via WhatsApp. Mukesh Meshram, UPSRTC managing director, said that people are tech savvy these days and he hopes that this plan will be successful enough to eradicate such problems.

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Source: NDTV News

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