Xiaomi bricks Mi A3 with an update & goes completely shameless

Xiaomi bricks Mi A3 with an update & goes completely shameless - 4

Xiaomi’s Mi A Series of smartphones are known for the software. As the series is under Android One, users expect a clean Stock Android experience and assured updates. But, Xiaomi is also known for screwing up and Mi A3 is no exception. As Xiaomi started rolling out the much anticipated Android 11 update to Mi A3, something went wrong. Many users updated their phone and could never turn the phone back on to feel and experience the all-new Android 11. The update bricked many devices.

As per reports from reliable sources, Xiaomi has halted the update rollout but already the damage has been done as many users are fuming with anger. Some of the users reached out to Mi India via Twitter and some of them even went on to pay a visit to the awesome Mi India service centers. However, the Mi India service centers had no clue that the Android 11 update rolled out for Mi A3 has bricked the device and they insisted that the customers get their phones’ motherboards replaced. Looks like Mi India is taking a lot of inspiration from Samsung these days.

The service centers have reportedly asked customers to pay for spare parts so that they can replace the motherboards. As Mi A3 was launched quite some time back in August 2019, it is obvious that most of the customers who purchased the phone within a few months from launch won’t have a warranty so that they can get their phones repaired for free.

Now, I know that Mi fanboys, as usual, will be flocking to my Twitter profile very soon, trying their best to defend the brand and their Supreme Leader Manu Kumar Jain. But can the fanboys and the Mi India management explain why the hell their service centers are providing different quotations for repair? This guy named Srijay was asked to pay ₹11796 to get this Mi A3 repaired. Anyone in his right mind won’t pay that amount anyway for repairing a one and a half year phone that was initially priced between ₹15,000 and ₹18000.

There is another customer who was asked to pay ₹6500 to get the phone fixed, as according to the Mi service center the device had issues with the motherboard.

Another customer, who was facing the same issue was asked to pay ₹8000 as the service center determined that his phone’s motherboard is dead.

Here’s another example, where the user was asked to pay ₹8000 to get his Mi A3 repaired.

Now, here are two big questions for Mi India. The first question is that if Mi India had rolled out the Android 11 update which bricked the device, why should customers pay for the damage caused to their phones? And why are different service centers of the same brand are quoting different prices for replacement of a specific part of the same phone? All these seem like some shady business to me and many users as well. The biggest issue is that many people are suffering due to this issue.

Mi A3 was a great phone, and I have recommended this phone to many and at least five or six people among my friends have purchased the phone after I suggested it, but if this is how Mi India wants to run its business by bricking devices and demanding that customers should pay for the damage Mi India caused, then it’s better to ask friends and family to go with alternatives and these days due to easy finance options, premium phones are no longer out of reach of many middle-class people like me. There are very few people who would actually go on to fight Xiaomi in the consumer court, but there are some.

Now, all I want to see is what kind of statements come from Mi India regarding the issue. We are keeping an eye on the developments and will update as per requirements on our social media profiles. Meanwhile, enjoy this meme depicting the situation.

Also, it’s quite weird that even after so many complaints, tweets, and outrage on social media, it looks like the Xiaomi India management is sleeping peacefully because they already have the money of consumers. It’s hard to say that it is a coincidence that suddenly at 8:30 PM on the first day of the year, the MD for Xiaomi India and Xiaomi VP Manu Kumar Jain went ahead and wished everyone a happy new year on Twitter, once again after he already tweeted regarding this occasion- Pure Ignorance.

This is no the end by the way. A lawyer named Sunil Thakare went ahead and declared on Twitter that he would sue Xiaomi and its MD in India Manu Kumar Jain because he has faced two big issues i.e. the display of his Mi TV had done within two years of purchase and now Mi A3 has been bricked after the Android 11 update. As a consumer and lawyer, he has the right to wage a war against Xiaomi for its poor after sales service.

But, it looks like the Xiaomi boss doesn’t like people taking legal steps so he just blocked Advocate Sunil Thakare on Twitter as if nothing had ever happened.

This is another example of a big fat corporate ego that some people have. Those times are over when Hugo Barra used to be the face of the brand, providing resolution or at least a statement regarding actions taken by the company whenever any issues were raised. Now, the Xiaomi management is mostly busy with manufacturing fanboys, getting into social media fights with executives of other brands, notably Realme, which also has another equally inefficient management that refuses to accept facts and rather relies on building narratives that are straight out of some brains busy in daydreaming!

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