7 Cool Gadgets for a Perfect Summer Vacation

Top 7 gadgets to have in the summer vacation

Remember the song – “There’s 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it, so the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it” from Phineas & Ferb? Well, Holidays are already on for all the schools & colleges which mean summer vacation has already started! For this summer vacation, you may have decided to go on a trip to a far off place. Carry these 7 gadgets with you for a perfect summer vacation that not only make your trip a memorable & a pleasant one but also make you get back home more comfortably.

Top 7 Gadgets to Have In the Summer Vacation

Waterproof phone

Pouring water on Xperia Z3
Pouring water on Xperia Z3

If you are on a summer vacation, it is likely that you are strolling on the beach or watching some wild game somewhere. If that is the case, you will be exposed to the elements for most of the time. Therefore, you need to ensure the phone you bring with you can withstand the elements. Besides that, you may want to take some shots that may not be possible with an ordinary phone. For instance, if you go site seeing in the rain, or you decide to snorkel, a waterproof phone is what you need. It will let you record every experience underwater or above during your trip.

Noise-canceling HeadphonesNoise cancelling headphone

When you go on a summer vacation, you leave the comfort of your home. As a result, you do not have any control over how people decide to behave during your trip. For instance, someone might decide it is a good idea to play blaring music on the beach, or you might be seated next to a baby who cries during the entire trip. According to wearable tech digest, these headphones block out all external noise, thus allowing you the luxury of listening to your music in peace. Also, you can use them when you need to study or fall asleep during your holiday.

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Amazon Kindle - a perfect gadget for the summer vacation
Amazon Kindle [Image credits: pixabay]
If you like reading books, this might not be possible if you are going on a long vacation. The essence of taking a trip for a holiday is to pack light. This lowers your expenses and ensures you have fewer things to worry about. Technology offers you the perfect solution.

Kindle is a light and compact method to bring with you more books than you will ever read in your lifetime. The device allows you to choose from a wide selection of over two million book art a click of a button.

iPhone case with built-in battery

iPhone 6S smart battery case

Running out of power while you are on a vacation can be quite stressful. You need to carry some reserve power with you. It can be quite disappointing if you see some of the greatest scenes on earth but you cannot take pictures because your battery died.

Various iPhones covers have a reserve battery and extra memory. As a result, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage or your battery running low on power as you tour your destination of choice. These covers can be purchased from online stores.

Go ProGo Pro

When you are on a summer vacation, there is undoubtedly going to be some exciting memories that you take home with you. However, it can be quite disappointing if you do not have the evidence to show to your friends. A Go Pro camera comes with a mount that you place on your head or any other object.

The Go Pro produces very high-quality images. You can make your adventure film with this device. When you get home, you can review it with your friends. It will be fun recalling all those awesome memories.

Headphone splitters

headphone splitter
image credits: amazon.com

During the trip, you may meet new people and want to be friendlier with them. Headphone splitters are a great way to break the ice; you use them to listen to music with someone else. It is an awesome device if you are on holiday as a couple. It will come in handy when one of your phones runs out of power.

Mini Projector

Osram LED - Mini Projector
image credits: siemens.com

At times, you just want to chill out and watch your favorite film. Sometimes, it may be a movie, which you have been longing to watch. If you are in a non-English country, going to the cinema will be quite boring. Bring your projectile and download some great movies you can watch while you are on holiday.

These devices give your holiday experience an extra boost. Even in the best tropical paradises on earth, sometimes you just want to be alone. These gadgets will prove quite useful. They help to make the boring days during your holiday bearable. Also, most of them are affordable. If you plan well ahead of time, you can carry quite a few of these.

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