A new fresh Flappy Bird is to arrive soon at the market

A new fresh Flappy Bird is to arrive soon at the market - 4

A new fresh Flappy Bird is to arrive soon at the market - 5

After a tremendous rise in popularity, the casual game Flappy Bird was taken down from the iTunes and Google Play app stores by its developer Dong Nguyen. In a recent tweet the developer said that it will be back, but no clues when it will come back.

The app is available to those people who had installed it before and he took it down from the app stores, and he has continued to earn revenue from advertisements. But a lot of copycat applications and also new games are arriving at the market.

Earlier this month, Nguyen stated that he is thinking of bringing the app back to iOS and Android app stores and also the new version of his game will contain warnings about its addictiveness so that people don’t waste too much time on playing the game. This sudden celeb is currently working on two new games, one of which is a vertical flyer called Kitty Jetpack, a copycat like game similar to Flappy Birds was brought to market. Just a few days ago, Kitty Jetpack was  released on the Android app store by someone else. On last Wednesday, after a fan asked if Nguyen will indeed be bringing back Flappy Bird, he confirmed this with a tweet. He had taken the app down in February saying that the game was too addictive, and that he was facing a lot of stress because of its sudden popularity. The game was quickly replaced by dozens of copycat apps, while some independent developers supported Dong holding the Flappy Jam, creating unique games inspired by Flappy Bird. Though none has the clue about when the new version will be at the market, or whether it will be a free app or a paid one. Now, only time will tell us and again we can get addicted to this small yet powerful addictive game.

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