Air India website crashes on the first day of its grand Rs. 100 ticket sale

Air India website crashes on the first day of its grand Rs. 100 ticket sale - 4

Many people are looking for cheap flight tickets and Air India gave an opportunity, but then the disaster happened, just like any other site belonging to the Govt. of India.

air-india-logo-designWell, last night at about 3 am I just came to know that Air India, the national airliner of India is offering tickets at a price as low as 100 INR (approx. 1.5 USD)  added with just the taxes for 5 days starting from today and I was pretty sure that I will get a ticket, wen I get back home this time.  The discount is available only for online booking and for travel during the period of August 27-September 30. But many people like me logged on the site and the result? The site crashed, an this is very common for Indians. We always ace such issues, when logging on to these sites belonging to the Govt. of India or managed by NIC (National Informatics Center).

The Air India officials put the blame on NIC and state that it was due to server problem hosted and maintained by NIC and it would be back soon by this evening. But till now, there is no sign of any hope. And this is what we’re getting till now.Screenshot_3

And the one last thing, about the NIC and the Govt. of India, they need some young and dynamic professionals rather than keeping old guys with a bald head and a fat belly. This kind of offers are meant or Airlines like Air Asia, which also provided such offer.

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