Ambrane WP-11 power bank review – Shock and water resistant

Ambrane, a domestic player in the Indian market has been gaining popularity owing to their affordable and wide range of mobile accessories. While they have a good spread in power banks, they recently launched a path-breaking WP-11 power bank.

The WP-11 power bank is the first-in-class water, dust, shock, and snow proof solution with the internationally acclaimed Ingress protection IP67 certification. The 10500m mAh power bank also comes with an inbuilt LED flashlight meant for outdoors. While it is becoming commonplace to carry a power bank while stepping outdoors, I really wanted to understand the need for a waterproof/ shockproof power bank. I tried this device for 2 weeks and here’s my review of Ambrane WP-11:

Ambrane WP-11 power bank review

The design and looks of WP-11 are quite intriguing – It weighs ~300 grams and it doesn’t look like a typical power bank. With a black and blue design, Ambrane has tried to make it look like a grenade for whatever reason. All said and done, full credits to make it stand out in the oversaturated, fragmented power banks market.

Out of the box, the WP-11 power bank comes with a flat USB cable, 1 USB output port and a micro-USB port for charging the power bank. All the parts are hidden under a flap with a click lock. The 10500 mAh Li-ion battery power bank is also equipped with fast charging technology that is almost quintessential, thanks to the flagship smartphones that come with Quad-HD displays and dash chargers.

WP-11 is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. I use a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and I could charge the phone completely for 2 cycles with fast charging technology. It isn’t quite as fast the phone’s original charger but I’m quite happy with the conversion ratio – close to 75%.

It is comforting that the WP-11 power bank comes with safety features such as advanced chipset protection, over-charge, and discharge protection, short circuit protection. The power bank is rugged to an extent that you just know that you can throw it down and it would stay just the way it is. With all flaps closed, I tested it by dipping it under water and reusing it and there was no trouble. I’m not sure to what extent it will be water resistant but I think it will have you covered for minor accidents.

All e-commerce portal currently have listed it for sale at INR 1999 and it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Overall, I’d say it is a good package – Although IP67 solely doesn’t sell it for me, I’d say if you are planning to buy a 10500 mAh power bank, it is just wiser to have an IP67 certification on it. If you travel/trek outdoors quite often, this definitely is something you should be eyeing at.

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if you are planning to buy a 10500 mAh power bank, it is just wiser to have an IP67 certification on it. If you travel/trek outdoors quite often, this definitely is something you should be eyeing at.
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