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Honda Riding Assist – A Self-Balancing Bike Tech With no fear of Skidding or falling!

In the recently concluded CES electronics show in Las Vegas, Honda unveiled something that has remained in the concept stage for way too long but will still make you look at it with longing. Honda showcased its Honda Riding Assist – a technology when made commercially available in a country like India would turn the tables.Imagine riding a bike...

Asus Zenfone 3 Laser Review – Driven by Camera

Zenfone 3 laser_cover
Asus has recently come up with a long series of Zenfones to cater to every segment they are targeting – Keeping Zenfone Deluxe as their flagship; they brought in Zenfone Max for the power-hungry and Zenfone Laser for the phone photography addicts. The newest addition is the phone we would be reviewing in this post – Zenfone 3 Laser.With...

Asus Zenfone 3 Max Review – A phone that can run marathons

Zenfone 3 Max
Asus launched its Zenfone 3 Max series early in 2016 to cater to an unmet need in its offerings – to match the likes of Gionee and Xiaomi with good battery and all-around performance. The everlasting blockbuster mantra in the smartphone market we have seen recently is to deliver a phone that can run marathons without losing an ounce...

Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano Specs and Prices leaked online

Mi Mix Nano
Barely a month after Xiaomi released Mi Mix, a bezel-less smartphone, a new leak has surfaced with specifications for Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano. An image share on Weibo, Chinese social network reveals that Xiaomi is working on a mini version of Mi Mix - Mi Mix Nano.Mi Mix Nano will also be a bezel-less phone that comes with a...

Reos Lite – A Smart LED Bulb for Everyone with Everything You’ll Need!

In the age where smart home solutions has become a neighborhood name, affordability is a factor that has stopped the technology from becoming disruptive. Reos Lite, an affordable IoT-based light manufactured by Cube26 (an Indian company) is determined to break the barrier and go past it . Good news for all those who had little money/energy to make your...

OnePlus 3T appears on Oppomart ahead of its launch priced at $499

OnePlus 3T
OnePlus released the OnePlus X around the same time last year leading to speculations on the company releasing another budget phone. But that wasn’t the case as we are looking at another flagship – OnePlus 3T to be launched at midnight India time today (11.30 PM). OnePlus will be using Facebook Live for this launch.With OnePlus 3 launched just a...