American Psychiatric Association declares SELFIES as a disorder

American Psychiatric Association declares SELFIES as a disorder - 4

Do you take a lot of selfies every day and upload them to facebook, Instagram or other social networks? Now, you must be aware of the fact that may be you need some psychiatric advice. It is obvious that people do it just as a hobby, some do that to get popular, but the key thing is that it can turn into a deep addiction and can be very unpleasant sometimes. You always don’t look at the elements in a picture, so it is quite obvious that you may mistakenly post something very irritating for people. I also talked about FAD a few days ago, and today I will talking about some other kind of disorder, and this is caused by SELFIES. It was considered as a hobby or a kind of trend in the social media, but the recent study has found something interesting and have uncovered quite a few bad sides of the tradition of taking selfies.
American Psychiatric Association confirmed that taking selfies is a mental disorder, and they made its classifications in the annual board of directors meeting in Chicago. According to APA, there are 3 types of this disorder:
Borderline selfies: Taking pictures of someone at least thrice a day, but not posting on social media.
Acute selfies: Taking photos of one’s self at least thrice a day and posting each of these photos on the social media.
Chronic selfies: Uncontrollable desire to take photos of one’s self during the day and posting them on social media more than six times a day.
According to APA, currently there is no cure for this disorder. Temporary treatment is available through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and the good news for the people in the US is that it is under the ObamaCare.




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