Android M is now officially called Android Marshmallow

Android M is now officially called Android Marshmallow - 4

android_marshmallow_LogoFinally, the case is solved. Yesterday, Google had released a teaser video with possible names for Android M. And today, Googler Alex Ruiz uploaded the picture of the official Android marshmallow statue, at Building 43 (Android) in Google HQ. And right after that, the official announcement was made on the official Android Development Blog. Android Marshmallow brings a lot of changes to the Android ecosystem and higher level of security.

Along with the new platform features like fingerprint support and Doze power saving mode, Android Marshmallow features a new permissions model. And this new permission model enables the users to install and app much faster than before. This is because, like current Lollipop, on Android Marshmallow it will not ask for permissions while installing and app. That will save your precious time of going through the app permissions. Once you have installed the app, and you open it for the first time the pop up will show the permissions required for using the app, among which some of the access can be denied as well.

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