Anime Industry and Its Growth – What to Expect in 2024?

Anime Industry and Its Growth - What to Expect in 2024? - 4

Anime has been there since ages & I have been seeing a huge growth in the Anime industry recently. If we talk about the early 80s, where Animes were like magic & now it has become a mainstream market. Seeing a huge growth in the Anime Industry, we have recently seen a group of Animators showing interest in this Industry.

If you think, Anime is the only thing that people watch, then you are wrong. Anime manga (Japanese Comic) is one of the industries that has a huge growth than Anime.

How can we say that the Anime/manga Industry has a huge growth? 

It’s quite simple. If we consider the industry which was there 5 years ago, we used to get a new Anime series every month, but now the situation has changed. As of the huge demand in this Industry, we see new Animes/Manga coming out every day. It’s all because of people showing interest in Anime/Manga.

This industry has also become a source of income for those who have an interest in Animation. When it comes to freelancers, this industry has more happy employees than any other industry, which also brings the more innovative idea to people. In the coming future, we could see Anime as the Industry that everyone is interested to join in.

Anime Industry and Its Growth - What to Expect in 2024? - 5
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Talking about Animes, we have been seeing a huge growth in the Cosplayer industry too. Having more number of Animes give these cosplayers.

So what do I think the Anime Industry will go in 5 years?

Comparing the Anime Industry today with 2024, we can expect a huge growth as there’s an exponential growth of Animators worldwide. This industry does not need an office. The only thing that you need is creative ideas. The more Ideas you have, the more people will follow you. With this huge growth, we could easily expect that the industry will grow so high that the competition in this market will become 10 times what it is now.

We could expect that this industry will have their own algorithm for creators to get approved. We could see much better Animes coming with quality & quantity. We could also expect to see a variety of Anime series flowing the internet. In the coming 5 years, we could expect to see that the Anime Industry will compete for hand-in-hand with the Digital & IT industry.

So, if you think that, the Anime industry has that potential in the coming future, do let me know your thought in the comment below so that we can start the discussion.

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