Apple Iphone 6 concept with touchpad by Designer Arthur Reis

Apple Iphone 6 concept with touchpad by Designer Arthur Reis - 4

iphone6_ar1Apple Iphone 6 is a concept smartphone with touchpad designed by Designer Arthur Reis who designed apple’s first slim, thinnest smartphone and also the presence of touchpad, you can see from the above picture designed by designer Arthur Reis, Touchpad performs all the multi tasking functions like the Home screen button in previous Iphone’s, you might get a doubt Apple’s Iphone 5 is released and it’s a big hit in the market, so Apple supposed to release Iphone 5s right? well, you are absolutely right, just check out my previous article about Iphone 5s release date, specs here, come to this Iphone 6 concept

The thickness is around 6.1mm (supposed to be Apple’s most slim iphone) , see the conceptual image of Iphone 6 designed by Designer Arthur Reis, see it’s thickness, it’s new looks are far better than previous iphonesiphone6_ar6

Innovative design change in this new Iphone 6 concept, home button replaced by touchpad, just touch anywhere at the bottom, you will be in home screen, wait for more magic!iphone6_ar4

Iphone 6 has a 12MP primary camera and the good news is it got Isight Pro sensor, which will makes the videos and pictures to a new High-definition world, feel the difference with this Isight pro sensor’iphone6_ar7

I think I don’t need to explain about the clarity of music coming out from any Iphone, you can expect best from this smartphone concept too, music quality specs are similar to Iphone 5( rumor)


credit: concept by designer Arthur Reis

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