Cortana for Android leaked, now available for download

Cortana for Android leaked, now available for download - 4

Microsoft was supposed to launch their voice assistance service Cortana on Android by the end of this month, and along with the launch of Windows 10. But, it leaked a bit early and now, it is available for download. Here’s a screenshot of Cortana which I’m using right now on my Android device.cortana_android

Cortana is not a new concept, it is quite like Siri, which is Apple’s own voice assistant or like Google Voice, where you can ask anything and can get results. Like, you can find out nearby restaurants or may be you can check your flight status or can even get weather details. Also, in Cortana you can add various categories, depending upon your location, food habits and other factors, and it is now available for almost every Android device.

I’m trying it out now, although it’s midnight and I’m quite sleepy. Well, Cortana did well when I used to stick to Windows Phone, and now, I need to see whether it works smoothly on Android also. Well, I will also be working on writing about it in detail when I’m done exploring the all new Cortana for Android, you can also download Cortana for your Android device, get Cortana Now!!

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