Data Security – The hidden dangers of cloud storage

Data Security - The hidden dangers of cloud storage - 4

Data security is a major concern not only for big companies but also for individuals. Now it is a simple task for hackers to breach into devices to exploit our data. When it comes to cloud storage, it became very easy for the hackers to get their hands on our data. This made every company give importance to the data security.

Last year was a major breakdown for big companies such as Sony, Apple etc. as hackers exploited the iCloud and publicly posted the celebrities private pictures. On the other hand, many of the Sony pictures (unreleased), undirected scripts were leaked to the public. These biggest leaks not only downgraded the security measures in the respective companies but also a major loss in the net income. Besides advantages, there are many hidden dangers in the cloud storage. Let’s see what they are!

Data Security – The hidden dangers of cloud storage

How do we live today?

  • We are living in the age of Big Data
  • We generate on average 1.4GB of data every day
  • They are stored on your mobile devices, on the cloud, in servers
  • Do you know where those data went? Or who has access to all the data and how they are being used?

Where do we store our data? (Online Storage vs Offline Storage)

Offline storage

Online Storage

Requires no internet

No one has access but you

Pay once and use forever

Unlimited scalability

Constantly connected

Continuous fee

Data is stored on a server “somewhere”

When server is down, no access

Limited capacity

Cloud or USB?

  • Do you rely on cloud storage for your private data?
  • Are you aware of how easily data can be stolen on the internet?
  • When it comes to convenience versus security, which is your main concern?
  • You never know when you will become the next victim!

The hidden dangers of the Cloud

  • Everyone can access your data – with the right tools and some effort
  • Password protection is not enough, especially if the password strength is not that good
  • Both account information and the data contained could be compromised since you don’t really “own” your data, the people who have the server owns them
secure USB drives

Why do you need a Secure USB?

  • The data will still be safe from outsiders
  • You will always have the data. Even if the USB is lost…
  • Enterprise-grade security protection, with 256-bit AES hardware encryption
  • Enforced password protection rule
  • Drive locks down with certain number of attempts

Who should use a Secure USB drive?

  • Corporate managers, RD leaders that have sensitive and/or important information
  • Celebrities, famous personalities which include politicians, actors, entrepreneurs; important people that require absolute privacy
  • Anyone who’s aware
Mr. Vishal Parekh_Kingston
Mr. Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology

So, with the usage of a secure USB, you can able to protect your sensitive data. There are risks in every technology as everything is a man-made and somehow users can figure out what’s the loophole in it. These risks are very minimum by the usage of a secure USB drive instead of cloud storage.

This article is contributed by Spokesperson: Mr. Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology – India.

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