Facebook went down: triggers anger and spreads over Twitter like wildfire

Facebook went down: triggers anger and spreads over Twitter like wildfire - 4

Facebook went down yesterday, this is all about what happened when this catastrophe happened in the social networking world and how people reacted to it.

fb downYesterday night Facebook went down for a few minutes, precisely around for half an hour. But people can’t just keep calm and relax. Angers started to grow up as soon as some of the tech websites including Techcrunch immediately repoerted that it is true that Facebook is not working for many users around the globe. Even the developer status page was down, which worked like a flare to spread the wildfire and many people were posting stuffs related to it on Twitter, some people were disappointed as it was down and they couldn’t update that they’re at the gym or having something delicious, while some others blamed Facebook. Some people even calculated how much Facebook lost during the time and one guy even posted that he had to go out to talk with his friends like our ancestors used to do. Apparently, we can see a clear view what happens when a social network giant goes down. Now, LAPD always gets calls like cable is not working or TV isn’t working.  And so ultimately Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Brink had to post that on Twitter asking people not to call 911, as many people were expected to call 911 reporting that Facebook was not working.

Meanwhile, the LAPD was hosting a live Twitter Q&A about emergency dispatchers. The department’s communications division tweeted a warning to participants not to ask questions about Facebook.

Though LAPD, later confirmed that the department didn’t get any call, thanks to Sergeant Brink, who tweeted requesting people not to call the police.

Some people remarked that Facebook’s days are over and nobody cares about it anymore.

Though, LAPD survived those irritating stuffs, the police department in California got many calls asking for help with Facebook as reported by a website.

Later, Sgt. replied to one of the guys who asked him about his tweet and he explained why he tweet that thing.

Some people even expressed their anger tweeting that people are being killed at Gaza and nobody cares, but when Facebook is down for a while, people lose their mind.

And the drama continues, some peope keeps sharing jokes, some appeal to rweet about Gaza while some other just keep on blaming Facebook. Now the topic has been changed to #facebookback and many people are tweeting about the status of their Facebook.

It happened earlier also. Facebook’s last outage, which was overnight this past June and lasted about a half hour, also cost the company about half a million dollars. Did you also react over this? What came to your mind? Share with us, a Twitter link or your though, in the comment section below.

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