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Giveaway: 3K Likes Campaign giveaway winner announcement - iGadgetsworld - 4

It’s almost 3 days since the giveaway ended and we suppose to announce the winner yesterday but there were some reasons that made us to delay it. Actually the international giveaway which we ran was in association with which will ship the product to only one winner.
We’ve listed 3 products out of which, the winner can choose a product he likes and the same will be shipped by us without any shipping cost and so on.

Overwhelming Response for the Giveaway:

A special thanks to all the readers of iGadgetsworld for making the giveaway a huge success. This is the first time we’ve hit a mark of 5.6K entries comparing to our previous giveaways. It is an achievement for us. Still more giveaways are coming. As for now Let me just directly go into the winner announcement. I know we’ve delayed a lot as of now :p

And the winner is …

Based on the most entries we’ve selected a winner and he is..Mr. Karan Kohli from Jammu. He tried to use all the entries and contributed more than 200 entries :) Congratulations Karan.
iGadgetsworld-3K Likes Giveaway Campaign

Claim the prize :

1.Choose a product which you want us to get shipped. Only one product we can ship to you.

  1. Mail your full address including phone number to and claim your prize. Message the same in our Facebook page*

  2. Contact us within a day or else your entry will be void.

  3. We’ll check your Facebook profile once and see if you’re a genuine user having your personal stuff instead of just sharing giveaway posts. If we found anything suspicious the prize will be given to second best person who made good contribution to the giveaway :)

  4. You can’t change the shipping address or claim the prize in the form of money.

Feel free to contact me : incase if you have any doubts.

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