Google and Apple rivalry continues: Google launches free music streaming service

Google and Apple rivalry continues: Google launches free music streaming service - 4

Music streaming industry is growing very fast and with that growth, new services are being launched across the globe. Recently, Apple launched its own music streaming services with three months of free trial, and then it’s Rs. 120/month in India, which is comparatively much lesser than other markets.

However, Apple got into trouble right after launch as Apple denied to pay the artists for their music during trial period and an open war started between Taylor Swift and Apple regarding that. However the issue was resolved. And, here comes a twist, Google has announced its free ad supported music streaming service, and I guess the relation will now get even more bitter with Apple after that.

Google Play Music, now for free
Google Play Music, now for free

I think it’s a great kick start for Google where it is going to combine its online advertising and the vast user base to provide free music streaming service. The Google Play Music was started in 2013 as a subscription services costing $9.99 a month and users were able to access about 30 million songs and store 50,000 songs for free. But now, it’s completely free. However, Google will be generating revenue via the ads, its own ad system called Adsense and this should work great for most of the users.

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 This new move by Google is a direct competition to the music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. The Google Play free music streaming service will be available to users with limited capabilities. You will be offered curated music sorted by mood, genre, decade or activity (yea, songs for working, for working out and songs to working it on the dance floor). You can search your favorite artist, album or song and Google Play will stream the related digital channel for you.

That’s not all there is something even more. You can check out the top 10 most popular activities on Google Play Music and each one offers several radio stations. Different activities are:

Brand New Music
Working Out
Boosting Your Energy
Having Friends Over
Having Fun at Work
Entering Beast Mode
Waking Up Happy

This free music streaming service of Google Play Music is available from today first in the U.S and will be launched in other parts of the world very soon, You can access it here on the Web and users will be able to access it on Android and iOS later this week.

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