Google Drive: Open Stored files with desktop apps now

Google Drive: Open Stored files with desktop apps now - 4

Google Drive is updated now, anyone can easily open stored files in Google Drive with desktop apps easily

Now with synchronising the online google drive with the desktop app, one can easily access the files in the cloud and can open with any of the suitable desktop programs, it is possible new with the latest update, for example you need to open the image in photoshop, no need to download the image present in the drive, just right click on the image and select open with — and choose the appropriate desktop app ( Photoshop ), it’s as easy now!

From few weeks Google updating all of it’s apps ( as of Android 5.0 rolled out ),   we have seen an update in Google Drive too, of course Google is rolling out big updates for calendar, maps etc and now we can see some changes in the Google drive too. Earlier version of Google drive’s file management doesn’t show file thumbnails in medium size, now everything is changed. You can see the comparison of old drive and newly updated drive below

Google Drive: Open Stored files with desktop apps now - 5
Here is the old view of Google drive

Google Drive: Open Stored files with desktop apps now - 6

Found the difference ? and in order to see the update, you should first visit your drive and update it yourself, a message will appear at the top saying update to see the new look, update it

And here is the procedure to open the stored files in google drive with desktop apps

  1. First of all, you need to install the Google drive desktop app, so download it
  2. Make sure you login with the gmail account associated with your Google drive, if it’s your first time, let the files be get synchronised ( as i already mentioned with sync you can access the desktop files )google-drive-old-version-1
  3. Install the below chrome extension which will be used to open the desktop programs
  4. That’s it now you can easily open the Stored files in Google drive with your own desktop apps


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