IGW Guide to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Tech & Gadgets

IGW Guide to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Tech & Gadgets - 4
Every year on February 14th, people around the world celebrate Valentine’s day. Precisely, they celebrate it for a whole week.

I don’t know who came up with the idea of naming each day as chocolate day, rose day, hug day, etc. but seriously, what’s that fuss is all about? Is proposing to a girl/boy needs to follow a particular order? Does that even sound logical? Speaking of which, it reminds me of a line from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind“Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap.”

I know most of us aren’t that stupid to figure that out, yet we put out a plan for celebrating Valentine’s day with the special ones. It can be in the range of following Valentine’s week list to trying to find a girl in some dating app [and moving forward with the same list]. I seriously have no intention of trash-talking on people who celebrate it. So, don’t take this article for granted. I intend to put some rational thoughts behind the valentine’s day celebration.

It’s indeed a widely-spread tradition that is proven to work for many [at least as seen in movies, Facebook/Instagram stories & posts], yet the ones’ that lasted till marriage could be very few. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, about the two categories, I’d like to call the first one as the goldies & the other one as the ‘x’ finders.

  • The first one would be busy finding the right gifts, whereas the other one would be drowning in the sea of dating apps.
  • If I could think of another category besides the goldies & the ‘X’ finders would be the gamers [pun intended].

As the point of this article is to provide a sensible approach to Valentine’s day celebrations, so I took the time to do some research and came up with a few ideas. However, my pov is on people with an affinity towards tech & gadgets, so it might not be as romantic as you find in lifestyle blogs. If you read this far, I highly recommend continuing reading.

‘The Goldies’ – Searching for Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

This particular group has someone special in their life, and want to take things further or remind them how much they love them. They would be looking for that special day to propose, and what’s more special than valentine’s day? So, a candlelight dinner, proposal in the rain, 1000s of balloons floating outside their door, etc. could be some ideas people would be doing [as inspired by movies], but what I could find familiarity in all these is the gifts. The NRF report on Valentine’s day suggests that a whopping $27.4B would be spent on purchasing gifts for the loved ones, and 5 out of 10 says they’d be celebrating valentine’s day this year.

So, it all comes down to choosing a perfect gift. I’m going to make it easy by just listing down the gift ideas. Just so you know, I’m reminding you once again as all of the valentine’s day gift ideas mentioned here has something to do with either tech or gadgets [duh, we’re a tech journal].

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men – Tech & Gadgets

1. Digital Photo Frame

I recommend going with this one.

2. Engraved Gadgets [Music]

For Apple products, head over to their official web, and for headphones and earphones, I recommend trying out this seller.

3. Assorted Accessories in a box

To begin with, I recommend getting double AA batteries, a type-c to 3.5mm jack, adapters, converters, etc.

Read the complete story on why I choose these gifts here.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women – Tech & Gadgets

1. Instant Cameras

I highly recommend trying out Instax Square SQ6.

2. Retro Music Gadgets

I recommend this if she’s a fan of retro Hindi songs, and this if you’d like to give a personal touch to it.

3. Hybrid Smartwatch

Do check this one, which I believe would be a perfect gift.

Read the complete story on why I choose these gifts here.

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The ‘X’ Finders – Using Multiple Dating Apps

I adore these people. They are either Millennials or Gen-Z who would be just browsing through different dating apps to find a date for valentine’s day. The majority of them realise a week before and put out a lot of effort to find the ‘ONE.’ Some succeed, but most of them fail. Let me get straight to the point. It all comes down to how you initiate the talk, become friends with them, a bit of sense of humour, and the surprise element. It all going to take a lot of time, so logically I recommend them to do the following.

Find People Outside the Online Dating Apps

Many believe that dating apps are just for hookups/casual sex. Well, there’s nothing much I can explain that it’s not, as the whole internet filled with this trash. Let’s forget about the dating apps for some time, and try to examine the problem here. You are looking for a date on valentine’s day, and it’s not going to happen in a snap. Unlike the goldies, you need to run through a lot to find that ONE. So, you better get started in discovering ‘what’s new in people’ first.

You know the tech is evolving much faster than it was a decade ago. A lot of us are spending a whopping 6 hours 43 minutes online, and most of that time, we’re spending a large part of it is consuming content. It can be browsing memes, liking cats/dogs pictures on Instagram, watching videos on YouTube, etc. They all give you enough inputs on what’s new with people. But I recommend taking part in the conversations on online platforms that curate UGC. It provides a first-hand intel on people’s humour.

Once you gained that skill, it’s time to put that in action. Participate in the conversation in the online platforms itself. You can also head over to social media channels, preferably Facebook communities, and look for the groups that share the common interest you have. In the end, you need someone to have a common interest and get your lines. You can read my complete guide to know more.

If you have no patience to do all this, well, at least put some effort into finding the right dating app.

Choose the right dating app

A few years ago, we did put effort into listing the best dating apps and did write another post with more apps. I recommend going through the list and find the one that fits your personality. The typical recommendation would be the Tinder, which has gained a lot of popularity. I bet you noticed a lot of references in many movies too. If it didn’t work, fly to other ones.

My actual recommendation

Remember my article on Fight Club I wrote a few years back? Well, if not, read it here. Everyone has their way of perceiving things. Something that works for someone doesn’t mean works for everyone. It’s either girls or boys; they want to spend more time talking, so better spend the evening with them. What I believe is, If some materialistic gifts affect your relationship, then it’s not a real relationship. In the case of ‘X’ finders, well, don’t stop what you’re doing.

I’m hoping following my guide puts a logical approach to celebrate valentine’s day, and I wish you win this time [for real]. Don’t forget to share your success stories on social with the hashtag – #IGWValentineStory.

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